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How to create an eCom password - MitID


Here is a guide for creating a personal eCom password for your payment card.
You will need the following to proceed:

  • Your card number
  • MitID (code display, audio code reader, or app)
  • Mobile phone for receiving a one-time SMS code via text message

  • Go to
  • Click on "Enroll your mobile number and password here"

  • This is the front page of the eCom password registration process
  • Click "Next"

  • Enter your payment card number (16 digits)
  • Click "Confirm"

  • Click "Give consent"

Approve on your MitID app
  • Open your MitID app

Approve with your MitID code display
  • Enter your personal MitID code display password

  • Approve the registration via the app

  • Enter the 6-digit one-time PIN code shown on your MitID code display
  • Click "Approve"

  • Fill in a personal eCom password for your payment card
  • Repeat your personal eCom password
  • Enter the mobile phone number you wish to link to your payment card
  • Click "Confirm"

  • Enter the one-time SMS code from the text message
  • Click "Confirm"

  • Your password has been registered. You will now be able to shop online with your newly registered eCom password + a one-time SMS code, which you will receive automatically via text.