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Nets is a part of the Nexi Group - The European PayTech. Visit our Group website at


for an easier tomorrow. ​Powered by Nets.​



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​​We see easier products and solutions as the foundation for growth and progress – both in commerce and society.


Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets is among the top payment providers in Europe. We keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for our customers to handle digital payments and related services. This has made us a trusted partner to more than 700,000 merchant outlets, including 140,000 online merchant outlets and over 250 banks across Europe.

The Nordics have led the way in the development of digital payments and related services and is the most digitised region in Europe. With our Nordic heritage, Nets has played a key role in this development by shaping a new digital reality based on innovation, stability and security. It's our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions and ensure we remain a reliable hub of the European payments industry.

Nets is part of the Nexi Group, The European PayTech.
For more information visit Nexi Group website at









Payment solutions shaped by the North European way of living

A mindset built on digitisation, trust and innovation

The Nordics is a region renowned for keeping life as simple as possible. It’s also a place where people trust each other and their public institutions. Perhaps it is not surprising then that the locals have embraced digitisation like no others. Open to new ideas and innovation that can enhance daily life and have a positive effect on the world in general, people in the Nordic region don’t mind challenging the status quo. In fact, it’s part of the culture to do just that.





A way of living that made the Nordics the most digitised region


Leading the Digital Economy and Society Index

Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway ranked first, second, third and fourth respectively in the use of digital technologies by both enterprises and citizens.

A very high percentage of people in the Nordic region use the internet and have an advanced level of digital skills. Digital technology has been incorporated into the Nordic society in all sectors, including retail, business, industry, commerce and government.


Payment solutions for an easier tomorrow


Trust, digitisation and innovation. They’re some of the key words that form the foundation of everyday life in one of the world’s most technologically advanced areas – the Nordic region – home of design, functionality and innovation. It’s also a place where new digital products and solutions designed to simplify everyday life are quickly embraced and integrated. Fundamental to this modern reality are fast payments and a variety of public digital services.

Nets has played an important role in this development, shaping a digital mindset through innovative, secure and stable solutions. By constantly enhancing current offerings and developing new solutions, Nets is helping to make life a little bit easier for every citizen, bank and business across Europe.

So, say hello to an easier tomorrow.

Nets is at the centre of the payment

Proven solutions across the payment value chain.


​Billions of transactions every year

Nets provides services to more than 250 banks – making it one of Europe’s largest payment providers. Nets also offers end-to-end Fraud & Dispute Services enabling banks to focus on their core business and enhance their customers’ trust​

Merchant solutions

​Handling transactions for   
700,000+ merchant outlets

Nets offers acquiring agreements that allow merchants to accept payment intheir physical or online store. Merchants can also choose from a wide range of solutions to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Powering more than ,000 merchant outlets


Nets helps merchants do better business

Nets provides services to over 700,000 merchant outlets, including over 140,000 online merchant outlets, throughout the Nordic region and mainland Europe – from large corporations to smaller enterprises and micro-merchants.


Increase your online conversions


Nets’ goal for e-commerce and m-commerce merchants is to drive higher conversion and faster checkout solutions that enable them to enhance the customer experience. The range of services within loyalty and data includes Easy – a superior checkout experience designed to ensure webshop owners enjoy a better start to their business - and the highly successful Remember me-functionality. This online service allows consumers to save their credit card information in over 25,000 stores to make checkout even faster on return. In the Nordic region, two million cards are currently registered. Research shows that 79% of people prefer not having to enter their card data when shopping online and 34% would shop more if their data could be saved.

Trusted by over


Nets offers state-of-the-art anti-fraud solutions

Today, Nets is the preferred processing partner for more than 250 banks and covers a wide range of issuers across Europe. Nets’ security and anti-fraud offerings are second to none as they help verify transaction details, and perform anti-fraud measures before authorisation – and all this is done in less than a second. Customer management services at Nets include geo-blocking and dynamic limit management. And with Nets’ anti-fraud services, you can always be sure you are compliant with domestic and EU regulations, as well as card scheme rules and regulations. Nets uses the very latest technology, such as AI, to monitor, prevent and capture payment fraud.

We’re on a path of constant innovation


We work relentlessly to simplify and improve our digital platforms – bringing forward new possibilities within the digital payments eco-system, while always delivering unrivalled security and stability.

It’s our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions to ensure we stand out as the trusted hub of the payments industry and deliver unmatched connectivity. Powering a tomorrow that’s easier than today. This is what drives us.

An easier Tomorrow. Powered by Nets.


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