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​​We see easier products and solutions as the foundation for growth and progress – both in commerce and society.


The Nordics have led the way in the development of digital payments and related services and is the most digitised region in Europe. Nets has played a key role in this development by shaping a new digital reality based on innovation, stability and security.

Handling billions of transactions annually, we are among the top payment processors in Europe and keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for our customers to handle digital payments and related services. This has made Nets a trusted partner to more than 300,000 merchants, including 30,000 online merchants, more than 240,000 enterprises and over 240 banks across the Nordic and Baltic regions.

It's our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions and ensure we remain a reliable hub of the payments industry building on unmatched connectivity.

A payment model shaped by the Nordic way of living

A regional mindset built on digitisation, trust and innovation

The Nordic region is renowned for keeping life as simple as possible. It’s also a place where people trust each other and their public institutions. Perhaps it is not surprising then that Nordic countries have embraced digitisation like no others. Open to new ideas and innovation that can enhance daily life and have a positive effect on the world in general, we don’t mind challenging the status quo. In fact, it’s part of our culture to do just that.





New logo

Our logo and corporate visual identity reflect our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions while at the same time delivering unrivalled security and stability.


The circles symbolise elements in motion and depict the dynamics of our industry, and the fact that we are a company on the move. While the circles are not attached by a visual link, they are related to each other as they represent unity and a sense of connectivity. Each circle is part of something bigger – just like Nets is part of the international payments eco-system.