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Build to digitise your invoicing ecosystem

OmniBilling is a request-to-pay based eInvoicing platform which enables banks, businesses and governments to establish an ecosystem for digital billing optimization.
The platform empowers users by providing a central overview and real time insight.

Your invoicing ecosystem, digitally connected

OmniBilling is a future proof solution built on an API first approach, based on ISO20022 standard and real-time processes. On the billers side some of the benefits of this are; less manual processes and lowers the amount of non-payments. On the end-user side, it increases customer engagement and provides consumers with greater control and the freedom to choose how they wish to pay. Furthermore, It enables banks to generate new revenue sources directly from end-customers and indirectly as foundation for value-added services.

​Automate and accelerate billing and payment processes
​​Improve cash-flow by expanding customer reach through multiple channels
​Benefit from automatic reconciliation and fewer non-payments


​Digitise your invoice distribution and lower your carbon footprint

Meet OmniBilling

Take a quick video tour around OmniBilling. Have a look into easy integrated eInvoicing connecting businesses, consumers and society.

Built on a proven solution 
770 million transactions served 
20 million API calls per day 
0,1 sec. average response time 

Billing management and real-time insight for billers

​Generate, deliver and present invoices. Distribute to any channel. Monitor and handle distribution and payments. Benefit from automatic reconciliation.

Easy payment and financial control for consumers

​Offer flexible billing and freedom to pay through any customer channel. Increase customers' financial control with overview and reliable payment information.

A bridge to Open Banking and Instant Payments

Did you know that we are also a leading provider of instant payment services and open banking access? Get even more value from the Omnibilling solution by leveraging the benefits from instant payments and access to open banking services.

Learn more about Open Banking >

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Why choose us?

​We have more than 40 years experience from developing and operating payment and bill pay services creating value for payers, billers and Banks. Our bill pay solutions in Norway and Denmark, eFaktura and Betalingsservice are well known, used and trusted by both corporates and individuals.

Based on this experience and insights, we have developed a bill pay solution with key features on a new platform, ready for tailoring to local market needs.


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