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RealTime24/7 is a state-of-the-art Instant Payments clearing system. It is an advanced solution that can operate globally, providing a unique value proposition for its design to handle high payment volumes. It also seamlessly adapts current and future functional requirements, providing a low total cost of ownership.

RealTime24/7 is designed to handle all types of credit transfers, including high value, low value, bulk (intraday), domestic or cross-border solutions, offering a wide selection of value-added services.

RealTime24/7 supports settlement in central bank money for both instant and bulk payments and our automated Dynamic Liquidity Management ensures a highly efficient use of funding.

Empowering you to deliver innovative services and superior customer experiences

RealTime24/7 delivers rapid development of mobile and value-added services, supporting open banking, anti-fraud and merchant environments. RealTime24/7 enables you to modernise legacy payment products that are batch- and bulk-oriented, with an attractive cost profile. It is a key enabler for digitisation and streamlining of processes in all parts of the payment value chain.

​A highly flexible solution

Our core 'RealTime24/7' Instant Payments system can be adjusted to give you and your customers a seamless experience. With our flexible solution modules, configurable setup and the performance characteristics of our ecosystem, you can design and develop a system to suit your local conditions. We work constructively within a governance model in which we bring both top management and our best experts to the table. Together, and with you in control, we can innovate and deliver services faster than anyone else.

Our RealTime24/7 ecosystem is based on modern technology and design principles which, in discussions with customers, have proven time after time to be more flexible and easier for banks to integrate with than any other solution available. Our ability to deliver real-time clearing services with an open API architecture permits easy customer delivery of services in a trusted environment.

Core platform

The heart of Realtime24/7 is our standard real-time ecosystem. The system was created based on a modular approach, ensuring a range of customisation options while at the same time reducing time-to-market.

The platform builds on a modern and agile architecture and an extremely efficient and highly scalable millisecond instant core. Tried and tested, it handles Instant Payments in just 0.02 seconds. It is powered by an all new Tier3+ data centre, enabling active/active setup.


Use of global financial standards such as ISO 20022, EPC & EACHA framework to ensure compliance.

Minimised costs

​Incorporates as much functionality in the central system as possible, reducing complexity and costs for the participants.


API-based approach to ensure that customers can utilise/integrate existing assets.

Settlement and liquidity management

​Our solution manages both deferred net settlement and real-time settlement and is ASI6-compliant.


​Full STP (straight-through processing) and error recovery – including idempotency.


Provides standardised and transport-agnostic interfaces to foster innovation and easy integration.


​Schemes such as SCT Inst, SCT and/or local schemes.


​High configurability to support local market requirements. This enables the services to be deployed in multiple ecosystems, allowing cost sharing to keep the TCO as low as possible.

​Value added services

Support for ​mobile P2P app

​In connection with Nets Addressing Service, account numbers are converted from aliases (i.e. phone numbers), in order to provide end-users with an easy and smooth payment experience. Adding this functionality supports boosting the traffic in the system from day one.


​RealTime24/7 can be offered with a mandate management service, which is used to approve payments on behalf of any given debtor. For example, this service can be used when handling "request for payments".

Fraud screening

This service detects fraud patterns and anti-money laundering screening. All information can be exchanged in real time between participants in RealTime24/7. A set of linear rules and trigger alerts are managed by a fraud agent and an access to the fraud management will be provided via the operator portal.

StoreBox (digital receipts)

StoreBox is an app that makes it possible to receive all receipts digitally in the StoreBox app. StoreBox is an excellent app to support mobile payment apps since it creates a smoother customer experience that is fully digital.


Danish Bankers Association, Denmark

​In 2017, we proudly announced the extension of a fully managed service with the Danish sector until 2022, demonstrating that we are an innovative, competitive and reliable long-term partner. There have been no outages of the platform since it was launched in 2014. Tried and tested, it handles Instant Payments in just 0.02 seconds. It is powered by an all new Tier3+ data center, enabling active/active setup.

Nexi - ACH, Italy

​Signed August 2016 – production March 2017
A fully managed service solution delivered from our operation centre in Norway. Instant Payments and messaging services are performed in less than a second despite the longer distances. Interoperability with EBA Clearing and full reach in Italy.

Bankart - ACH, Slovenia

Signed August 2017 – production February 2019
A ten-year contract for establishing an Instant Payments infrastructure and ecosystem with scope for services in Slovenia. It comprises all banks in Slovenia with a connection to the Slovenian Central Bank. It is run as an SaaS solution out of our data centres in Norway. The solution will transform batch clearing infrastructure, and includes P2P and P2M use cases and a mobile solution.​

GIRO Zrt – ACH, Hungary

S​igned January 2018 – go live in 2019

The signed agreement is a software solution for jointly delivering a new scalable, open and Instant Payments infrastructure for all Hungarian banks. The solution will establish a totally new infrastructure for the country based on only one platform. This will increase the level of innovation and speed to market.