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About us

Get to know some of our experienced and talented Instant Payments team members.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about your Instant Payments opportunities.

​Get to know some of our Instant Payments experts

Our solution, RealTime24/7, is developed and maintained by a large, internationally experienced team. Here's an opportunity to learn more about some of our dedicated experts.

Gitte Kjær Bergstrøm

Senior Programme Manager

"My key responsibility is to deliver the solution, in cooperation with the Programme Management team, and to structure the project in such a way that we consistently stay within the budget, meet deadlines and deliver quality."

Jamie Schless

​Product Manager

”As a part of the Product Manager team, my job is to understand and convey the requirements of the customer to our development team. Through close collaboration with the customer, the goal is always to deliver a great product which exceeds their expectations.”

Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt

Senior Vice President

"My main responsibility is to ensure that potential partners understand the numerous opportunities presented to them by RealTime24/7. My extensive experience within the field has given me the tools to identify new valuable opportunities and how to benefit from them in practice."

Espen Dåsvand

Lead Developer

“My role in the team is to deliver technical solutions and code to the RealTime24/7 product so that our customers can get the best possible Instant Payment solution.”

Claus Berthelsen

​Business Program Manager

"As Business Program Manager, I represent the business side in customer implementations of RealTime24/7. I am deeply involved throughout the implementation project where it is my responsibility – in constant dialogue with the customer – to ensure that all business requirements are met and that RealTime24/7 is implemented to the full satisfaction of the customer"

Anja Steenstrup

Chief Operating Officer

​“The daily operation of RealTime24/7 must adhere to the uncompromising requirements of a mission-critical system. My team's main responsibility is to make sure that RealTime24/7 is secure and stable at all times."

Jon Arne Hegge

​Senior IT Architect

"As a Senior IT Architect, my main responsibility is to build a bridge between the business units and the IT departments, as well as to develop solutions. My team ensures that our partners always receive state of the art solutions – whether it is software or hardware."

Frode Åsheim

CEO, Nets Branch Norway & EVP Corporate Services

"CEO in Nets Branch Norway and group Executive Vice President Corporate Service, with the responsibility of five business units covering account-to-account infrastructure, account-to-account payments and digital enablements.
I am also a member of the Executive Committee in Nets AS and Chairman at eBoks."

Henrik Hofmann Westergaard

​Product Manager

”At Payments International – Business Operations – my colleagues and I collaborate with our customers to ensure secure and stable operations of managed services and software solutions of RealTime24/7. In addition, we always have a focus on ensuring continued regulatory compliance for our services and solutions.”

Glenn Inghelm

Chief Product Owner -
Open Banking

“With broad and long experience on Payment ecosystems and Online Banking services, my expertise is to enable customers to utilize the European Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and to provide commercial Open Banking services.”

Håvard Mork

Software Developer

“I’m a software developer in RealTime24/7, with a specialisation on databases and integration. I enjoy being part of a fantastic team that delivers fault-tolerant and mission critical systems."

Rasmus Eskestad

Product & Solution Director 

"As Product & Solution Director it is my responsibility to always ensure a clear vision for each of our products via close collaboration with the entire Product Manager team. Moreover, I ensure that we do the right R&D for developing our solutions to always be at the forefront of innovation."



Thomas Baadshaug

Technical Project Manager, IT Operations

"My main responsibility is to coordinate deliveries of high performing, stable and secure infrastructure services for RealTime24/7. Significant experience in such implementations has provided me with a technical insight within architecture, infrastructure and application integrations to ensure successful deliveries"

Lars Brøde Jeppesen

Chief Product Owner - Operations

"At Payments International – Business Operations – I am working with business operation and maintenance including release and product management, 2nd level business support and business relationship management."

Bjarne Lindegaard Rasmussen

​Chief Product Owner - Development

"As Chief Product Owner for services within Payments International, the objective of my role is to contribute to ensuring our services continuously create customer value. This is done through ensuring proper focus on product development and maintenance plus acting as the specialist and sparring partner on the customers journey."

Torben Hohlmann

Senior Vice President​

"Understanding customer’s needs and making the right strategies is essential in delivering towards high demands and secure and stable operations. This is among other things, what I do in leading this exciting business. We aim to be amongst the global leaders, with our European leading position as a strong foundation.”