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Nets Fraud Ensemble: Explore the power of AI in fraud prevention

Download the full version of the Nets Fraud Ensemble whitepaper


Fighting fraud with a model of models


Man and machine are the perfect pair when it comes to fighting payment fraud. The whitepaper, Fighting Fraud with a Model of Models,  explains how utilising human expertis​e in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies can significantly increase the accuracy of fraud prevention services. 

Fighting Fraud with a Model of Models explores the theoretical approach behind Nets Fraud Ensemble, an AI-powered anti-fraud engine developed by Nets in collaboration with KPMG, which can reduce fraudulent transactions by up to 40% on top of existing AI fraud prevention measures, for the benefits of banks, merchants and cardholders, as well as society in general.

​The whitepaper is available for download below


Download the full report




“Until now, the use of true machine learning to fight payment card fraud has been limited. With Machine Learning and AI we can find patterns in the data which are too complex for the human brain to identify, analyse and then act on them to prevent fraudulent transactions.
Sune Gabelgård, Head of Fraud, Intelligence & Research, Nets



“Not only does it combat crime, it also improves the customer experience and dramatically reduces financial losses.”

Bent Dalager, Nordic Head of NewTech and Financial Services, KPMG


Download the full report