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Market trends

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​Market trends


Across the globe we are observing an increasing pressure from fraudsters. Their technical and professional competences are growing and they are operating on an international scale. Especially internet fraud is a lucrative and low risk area for criminals as they can operate out of safe havens, and thus are difficult to prosecute.
Due to our intelligence and analytics, we are capable of delivering knowledge about the newest fraud trends to our customers.



Too good to be true offers

"Latest iPhone for €1 only" or "Now you can get this luxurious bag only for $5". These are both examples of the too good to be true offers that consumers face online, especially on social media. Often these offers lead into subscription traps and disputes.

Automated attacks

Cybercriminals use software to perform automated payment attacks. Attacks are extremely fast, consisting of multiple simultaneous authorisations. They are impossible to detect and prevent without modern sophisticated fraud solutions.

E-commerce fraud increases

E-commerce is increasing tremendously all over the world. Nordic consumers purchased goods online with a total value of 21.9 billion Euros in 2016 which was a 21 % increase compared to the previous year. At the same time, unfortunately, data breaches involve larger amounts of card numbers leading into higher levels of e-commerce fraud.

More sophisticated forms of fraud

Fraudsters are always looking for the weakest link and new ways of making profit. Fraud is nonstationary and new trends are constantly evolving. Nets is committed to stay in front, not just with our latest technologies within artificial intelligence, but also by continuously optimising and enhancing our teams ability to combat fraud efficiently.



Discover the power of AI in fraud prevention​ in new whitepaper

Gain deeper insight into fraud prevention using AI and machine learning in practice in this new whitepaper, which explains into the theoretical approach behind the AI-powered anti-fraud solution, Nets Fraud Ensemble. Download the whitepaper to gain insight into today's fraud landscape, how Nets Fraud Ensemble works, and to understand the commercial benefits beyond fraud prevention. 
Read whitepaper >>


​Nets and KPMG Partner to Launch AI-Powered Payment Fraud Prevention Solution​

The new model, Nets Fraud Ensemble, uses machine learning to reduce fraudulent transactions by up to 40%. 

Nets Rolls Out Preventative Fraud Service to Protect Online Consumers Across the Nordics ​​

Nets blocks clickbait traps and unsolicited recurring payments worth €1.9m, reducing card disputes by up to 20%
Read more >> 



Webinar: Step up your Authentication Process and maintain positive customer experiences​

Banks and merchants need to be agile, creative and adaptive to keep up with fraudsters. Learn how to improve your authentication process and stay ahead of the game in our on-demand webinar with mobile software provider Sinch.​


Webinar on-demand: Fighting Fraud in the 2020's ​​

Hear how fraud will change in the 2020’s and what actions banks and card issuers should take to be ready to fight and prevent fraud. In collaboration with Payments, Cards & Mobile​.
Watch the webi​​nar >>​​


​A new approach to fraud prevention

Issuers and merchants everywhere are being challenged by a growing variety of payment methods, which are fueling the rise of ever more sophisticated card fraud techniques. To stem the tide, financial institutions need a new approach to fraud prevention.​


The fight against fraud continues

Get insights into the European fraud landscape - download the report, watch the webinar and hear more about the AI-powered tool, Nets Fraud Ensemble, which aims to​bring down fraudulent transactions by up to 40%.


Webin​ar: Key-take aways from the new European Fraud Report

Watch this webinar live recording to get key insights and analysis from the European Fraud Report. Featuring fraud expert Sune Gabelgård, Nets and researcher Horst Foerster, Payments Cards & Mobile.
Watch the webinar >>

European Fraud Report 2019 – Payments Industry Challenges

The challenges and threats ahead for the European payment industry are many. This research report on fraud provides an overview of developments that market players are facing right now and gives suggestions for how to tackle the problem and how to keep pace with increasing fraud and risk challenges.
Read the report >>

Nets Interviews The Finnish National Bureau Of Investigation On Subscription Traps

Subscription traps are one of the fastest-growing forms of online fraud. Judith Thrane, Senior Vice President, Fraud & Dispute, interviews Detective Sergeant Juuso Tschokkinen from the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation to learn how subscription traps work and what online shoppers can do to avoid them.

Check out our latest e-book: The Changing Face of Fraud

Fraud is changing, and the technical and professional competencies of online fraudsters are growing on an international scale. Banks are constantly facing new challenges as criminals shift their tactics towards targeting consumers directly. So the question is: how can banks keep up? Get familiar with Nets’ latest publication, The Changing Face of Fraud.
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