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Our Issuing Processing solutions support the entire lifecycle of transaction management, clearing, settlement and reconciliation on a highly available, performant and secure platform.

Nets authorisation services

Nets authorisation services covers end to end card verification, technical validation and financial authorisations. Our platform is scheme agnostic and can interact real time with any core card and account processing platform during the authorisation process.


Nets provides an agnostic Clearing Gateway to the Scheme(s) and/or network to various acquirers enabling option for bilateral routing. The received and processed clearing files are forwarded or processed on behalf of the Issuer.

For Card Enablement Services use the same capture as for Digital Enablement Solutions.

Contextual notifications and alerts

Nets Issuing Processing Platform enables contextual engagement with consumers driving relevant dialogue about the transaction validity, providing authorisation and decline advice or two way notifications for instalments offer on approved transactions.

Data Insights and Reporting

Nets provides solutions within data discovery, reporting and analytics services for our customers. This enables our customers to have a well-founded data-driven decision process.

Born in the Nordics, Nets has a long history of processing financial data, which gives us extensive experience in deriving the right insights to our customers.

Our ambition is to continuously offer these solutions using a modern data platform and advanced tools, complemented by strong data governance to ensure high data quality in our data deliveries.

Customer portal

We have a well-established customer portal, where customers can access a broad variety of data sources as well as standard reports and dashboards. We are enriching data from multiple platforms to offer cross insights to our customers. We are handling PCI as well as non-PCI data.

Self-service reporting

Nets delivers self-service reporting through a customer portal where our customers can access a set of standard monthly KPI reports and perform ad hoc reporting on an on demand. Furthermore, we offer VAS modules, which include dashboards where users can work with their data in a more agile way (often called slice-and-dice) to reach the insights they specifically need.

Other data services

We deliver several data products for regulatory reporting. Some examples are compliance report for Bank of Finland, advanced analytics e.g. on spending behaviour, and Customer Value Management. Data & Insights also delivers self-service reporting towards BankAxept, NemID/MitID, Trust services, and data deliveries to Nordic government authorities.

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