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Instant Payments

Payment systems around the world are changing fundamentally to meet a growing demand for immediate payments and increasingly digital solutions. Instant Payments are set to drive the most significant transformation in the global payment landscape, as customers are expecting convenience and security as well as rapid, instantaneous processing of all their transactions. Instant Payments are the new normal.

​What are Instant Payments?

Instant Payments means paying or receiving payments instantly. Instantly means within a few seconds, anytime, 24/7 365 days a year. Instant Payments are also known as 'immediate payments' and 'real-time payments'. It is the ability to move funds instantly, clearing the transaction and crediting the payee's account with confirmation to the payer within seconds of payment initiation, between people, businesses and government authorities.

How can Instant Payments help your business?

The payment industry is moving at a rapid pace. E-commerce, goods and services are traded every second of every day. Payment providers all around the world need to stay ahead of the curve to:

​Meet customer's demands and expectations

Use and build value-added services, e.g. a mobile P2P app

​Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)

​Keep a competitive edge by improving transaction speed

​Boost business growth by offering holistic payment solutions 24/7/365

​Reduce fraud risks in the transaction processing

Replace legacy systems by adopting Instant Payments schemes to facilitate real-time transactions

Open API and standardised communication and reporting channels

How can you succeed with Instant Payments?

For banks and communities looking to seize opportunities, meet customer expectations and avoid market risks, the fundamental question when implementing Instant Payments has evolved from 'if and why' to 'how and when'. This crucial question can be divided into six sub-questions that are essential for adopters of Instant Payments to ask themselves to create a successful implementation strategy.

We are a strong provider of Instant Payments

Our track record and reputation prove that we are an experienced Instant Payments solution provider both in the Nordic and European countries. Our solution is based on a microservices architecture, using modern technology and design principles.

Our ability to deliver real-time clearing services with an open API architecture permits easy customer delivery of services in a trusted environment. We have proven to be a stable and reliable supplier in the implementation process.

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Four reasons why we are your best partner for Instant Payments

Instant Payments are a strategic core area for us and we have pioneered the technology in the Nordic countries and beyond since 2014. This means we will continue to invest heavily in Instant Payments. We will also continue to take responsibility for driving the global Instant Payments infrastructure forward by engaging in European standardisation and collaboration initiatives. The nine billion transactions we facilitate every year give us the scale to prioritize innovation and allow for investments in order to stay at the forefront of Instant Payments technology as it develops.

A highly competitive solution

​We have invested heavily in our platform to deliver the most compelling Instant Payments technology and setup. Our commercial model caters for a solid long term partnership with our customers.

We prioritise flexibility for you

We create a fully flexible setup for customer success. We work with a modular approach in our solution to establish the best possible fit with the needs of our customers. Flexibility is the cornerstone of our way of co-operating – both in terms of technological capabilities and the support and services needed to run it.

Experts and 24/7 customer service

​Whenever you or your customers need us, we are there. Our dedicated payment experts are available with both business and IT capabilities. And our support team is ready to assist and guide you and your customers 365 days a year.

More than a technical provider

​Our broad range of services caters for all aspects of Instant Payments. Running instant and bulk services in our proven setup, we develop and deliver a wide range of services close to the core payment infrastructure, such as PSD2 and fraud and dispute services. We will continue to develop our capabilities to be the best in payments in Europe and stay compliant with regulations.

   Our European activities

We connect banks, merchants, corporates, public authorities and consumers, delivering payment services and related technology solutions across the continent.

Live Instant Payments solution
Developing Instant Payments solution
Other clearing activities
Other operations by us


Danish Bankers Association, Denmark

In 2017, we proudly announced the extension of a fully managed service with the Danish sector until 2022, demonstrating that we are an innovative, competitive and reliable long-term partner. There have been no outages of the platform since it was launched in 2014. Tried and tested, it handles Instant Payments in just 0.02 seconds. It is powered by an all new Tier3+ data center, enabling active/active setup.

Nexi - ACH, Italy

Signed August 2016 – production March 2017
A fully managed service solution delivered from our operation centre in Norway. Instant Payments and messaging services are performed in less than a second despite the longer distances. Interoperability with EBA Clearing and full reach in Italy.

Bankart - ACH, Slovenia

Signed August 2017 – production February 2019

A ten-year contract for establishing an Instant Payments infrastructure and ecosystem with scope for services in Slovenia. It comprises all banks in Slovenia with a connection to the Slovenian Central Bank. It is run as a fully managed service solution out of our data centres in Norway. The solution will transform batch clearing infrastructure, and includes P2P and P2M use cases and a mobile solution.

GIRO Zrt – ACH, Hungary

​S​igned January 2018 – go live in 2019

The signed agreement is a software solution for jointly delivering a new scalable, open and Instant Payments infrastructure for all Hungarian banks. The solution will establish a totally new infrastructure for the country based on only one platform. This will increase the level of innovation and speed to market.

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Did you know?

... that we also offer an Open Banking platform?

​The wide availability of Instant Payments creates new opportunities in open banking to serve internal bank applications, corporate clients and Fintech partners with better and faster access to data and payments.

We have utilised our instant technology for open banking access as well, to provide a high-performance solution allowing both banks and PSPs to fully use the new instant financial services. Open Banking Access gives you as a third-party provider (TPP) everything you need in the new era of open banking.