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Nets Framework of Consumer Management Services


Nets CMS as a core back-end solution is fully integrated to a wide range of value-added services, as well as country specific payment ecosystems. We continuously develop the product based on market and customer feedback, plus we make integrations seamless with our customers internal systems.



Common Business Services

The Nets Common Business Services (CBS) framework is a way of working with onboarding our clients card portfolios and applying changes in Nets CMS both faster and with less resources. This is done by maximizing reusability through standard processes, tools and documentation based on a set of Common Business Services.




Nets CMS

Tailored and ready-made solutions enabling issuers to be relevant and unique, based on standard building blocks



Modern CMS solution integrated to the Nordic infrastructure and Nets value added services, reduces implementation time and resources required



Standardised migration approach increases quality, while reducing resource consumption, risk and overall time spent on-boarding customers


Quality Assurance

Automated test sets reduces time and resource usage during implementation, while enabling consistent quality in an effective maintenance release process

Top 10 tips to a successful CMS implementation


​ WHILE INITIATING the project, remember to…​

​​   Define and align the most important business drivers

   Ensure capabilities for organizational change

   Evaluate what historical ​data is relevant to migrate

   Secure right resourcing and governance

   Decide who has the final say on the scope

DURING THE EXECUTIO​N of the project, you should…

    Secure delivery resources availability

    Utilize the project governance for follow-up

   Make final decisions on your go-live criteria

    Apply existing sm​art testing methods​

AFTER THE PROJECT, ​you should not forget to…

    ​A​ssign ownership and follo​w through on benefit realization​