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Nets Framework of Consumer Management Services


​​Nets CMS as a core back-end solution is fully integrated to a wide range of value-added services, as well as country specific payment ecosystems. We continuously develop the product based on market and customer feedback, plus we make integrations seamless with our customers internal systems.


A) Net​​​​s C​MS

As the core back-end solution, Nets CMS lies at the centre, supporting a wide range of value-adding services.​

B) Nets Value-added services 
Nets offers a number of services across the value chain, some of which are linked directly to Nets CMS. Our CMS customers therefore benefit from combining services within the broader Nets product suite.

C) Ecosystem integration & country specific market
Nets CMS is already integrated to payment infrastructures of the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland), also to country specific solutions, enabling a faster time-to-market for both new and existing c​ustomers.


D) Continuous product development by Nets
Based on feedback from the market and our existing Nets CMS customer base, we are continuously developing our CMS solution to fit your needs and keep our solution future proof for you. This gives our customers the opportunity to influence future development, while staying relevant to the market and the constantly evolving consumer requirements.

E) Additional client services
Nets CMS integrates seamlessly with all our customers internal systems, whether it’s through online real-time interfaces or batch proces​sing, securing a smooth and aligned end-consumer experience.​