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Gorenjska Banka

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Slovenian Gorenjska Banka transforms its complete debit and credit card portfolio with card and PIN personalisation in record-time without impacting the customers experience

  • Reissuing of all bank’s debit and credit cards
  • Card & PIN personalization including contactless dual interface EMV chip cards
  • Full implementation in just a couple of months

​The challenge:

In 2021, the Slovenian banking group (domestic card scheme) including Gorenjska banka, was dissolved and as part of Gorenjska banka’s exit strategy to leave this local domestic card processing and clearing group, the bank faced the challenge of changing their card business processor.

With Gorenjska banka now being a Principal Issuing Bank rather than a Card Scheme Affiliate, the bank needed to reissue a complete card portfolio with new BIN with new card numbers. 

A complete portfolio of debit and credit cards needed to be reissued in a very short timeframe to minimize the impact on the customer experience and to facilitate a seamless transition to a new issuing processor. Besides personalizing all these cards to the newest and most acceptable contactless dual-interface chip plastics, PIN envelopes also had to be printed so that clients could start using the cards as soon as possible. 

An RFQ process was conducted to find the most suitable card & PIN personalization company that would provide all the card features, level of quality

excellence and short timeframe required. Nets was a logical choice to include in the RFQ based on the previous successful cooperation with Nets CEE in card issuing processing including card and PIN personalization for Gorenjska banka, and stood out as a prime example of a company that can deliver on business requirements.


​Leading level of quality

Furthermore, the bank opted to continue using Nets’ card and PIN personalization services due to the Nets card business’ leading level of quality, as well as a its personalization facility of high security standards, as witnessed by an on-site visit to the personalization centre premises.


Cards issuing & personalisation of complete portfolio in record time 

Since the work to complete the issuing of Gorenjska banka’s full portfolio began in 2021, implementation activities were successfully conducted in a timely manner. Currently, 79% of the card portfolio has been successfully personalized and delivered to the bank’s end customers, with remaining credit cards to be personalized in the coming month. 

By setting up complete card and PIN personalization based on cardholder data inputs received from the card processor, Nets were able to timely produce and physically personalize complete debit and credit card portfolio, in the cadence of the input files received and according to agreed production schedule.

Together with correlating PIN envelope printing service the bank can seamlessly transition to using new improved contactless dual interface EMV chip cards with new card numbers, without impacting customer experience. Gorenjska banka’s end customers receive their new cards promptly and with the separate receival of PIN envelope, and can continue to use their cards without disruption.

​The solution

The key pillars of the new solution included:

Card and PIN personalisation

Card carrier personalization

A phase-approach to portfolio reissue: debit cards first, credit cards second


Personalization service setup

PIN printing setup

Data preparation for P3 setup

PIN mailer personalization