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Compliance and Regulations



What is RegTech and why is it becoming the next big thing?4551797<img alt="" src="/perspectives/test/PublishingImages/header-regtech.png" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />{ "error": null, "ribbons": [ { "id": "ctl00_divHeaderContainer_wrapper", "color": "#C9E9FB", "image": "/perspectives/PublishingImages/CVI/header-nets-circles.svg", "overlay_alpha": null, "break_central_column": false }, { "id": "ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_RibbonPanel11_wrapper", "color": "#C9E9FB" } ] }<p>Even though the concept isn’t innovative in itself, many FIs are already pushing the limit with RegTech to use it within more complex systems in order to achieve regulatory compliance.</p>2019-12-09T00:00:00Z10Maša Gavran28-12-2020 09:07:07
GDPR faces problems in Europe4551764<img alt="" src="/perspectives/PublishingImages/header/gdpr-header.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />{ "error": null, "ribbons": [ { "id": "ctl00_divHeaderContainer_wrapper", "color": "#C9E9FB", "image": "/perspectives/PublishingImages/CVI/header-nets-circles.svg", "overlay_alpha": null, "break_central_column": false }, { "id": "ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_RibbonPanel11_wrapper", "color": "#C9E9FB" }, { "break_central_column": false, "css_class": "", "min_height": "", "margin_top": "", "margin_bottom": "", "padding_top": "", "padding_bottom": "", "append_ribbon_line": false, "append_column_line": false, "subribbons": [ { "css_class": null, "min_height": null, "margin_top": null, "margin_bottom": null, "padding_top": null, "padding_bottom": null, "opacity": 1, "background": { "image": null, "color": null, "position": null, "size": null, "repeat": null, "attachment": null } } ], "columns": [ { "css_class": "", "min_height": "", "margin_top": "", "margin_bottom": "", "padding_top": "", "padding_bottom": "", "opacity": "1", "background": { "image": "", "color": "", "position": null, "size": null, "repeat": null, "attachment": null } } ] } ] }​A year later, the same Regulation faces growing pains across Europe. The implementation was visibly not uniform, but the differences have been very big and specific. One of the reasons for this is the unpreparedness of the EU for the various upcoming technologies.​2019-08-14T00:00:00Z10Maša Gavran28-12-2020 09:10:33
Whitepaper: Mobile strong customer authentication under PSD2: Comparisons and considerations 4551777<img alt="" src="/perspectives/PublishingImages/mobile_cafe1.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />{ "error": null, "ribbons": [ { "id": "ctl00_divHeaderContainer_wrapper", "color": null, "image": "/perspectives/PublishingImages/mobile_cafe_topbanner.jpg", "overlay_alpha": null } ] }<p>​As PSD2 becomes a reality, the need for strong customer authentication (SCA) om mobile arises. This whitepaper examines a broad range of technical options for the implementation of mobile SCA, including solutions that rely on the cooperation between payment service providers (PSPs) and mobile operators. </p>2018-03-12T00:00:00Z04-12-2020 12:58:26
Whitepaper: Delivering the consumer solution for PSD2 - stepping towards open banking & new revenue streams4551800<img alt="" src="/perspectives/PublishingImages/PSD2_whitepaper_Perspectives_smiling.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />{ "error": null, "ribbons": [ { "id": "ctl00_divHeaderContainer_wrapper", "color": null, "image": "/perspectives/PublishingImages/PSD2_whitepaper_Perspectives_smiling.jpg", "overlay_alpha": null } ] }<p>​The dawn of PSD2 and open banking is upon us. With shifts in consumer mentalities and expectations, payment stakeholders are presented with a number of challenges to deliver a superior payment experience and ensure compliance with PSD2. Crucially, however, several new revenue opportunities are also emerging. </p>2017-12-19T00:00:00Z04-12-2020 12:58:19
Banks need to see fintech as a mindset4551744<img alt="" src="/perspectives/PublishingImages/Fintech-is-a-mindset.jpg" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />{ "error": null, "ribbons": [ { "id": "ctl00_divHeaderContainer_wrapper", "color": null, "image": "/perspectives/PublishingImages/Fintech-is-a-mindset.jpg", "overlay_alpha": "rgba(0,0,0,0.3)" } ] }<p>​&quot;Fintech is a mindset and is about making banking better, making financial services more accessible, cheaper and simpler. And you need the banks to be part of that, so to me, it’s never disruption&quot;, says Liz Lumley.</p>2017-10-24T00:00:00Z04-12-2020 12:58:23