Nets Financing

The simplest financing for a Nets customer

Are you looking to expand, purchase stock, hire more staff or just flatten seasonal fluctuations in sales? Then, Nets Financing is the best choice to finance your business.

The Nets Financing cash advance service has proven very popular among our acquiring customers. 92% of customers, who have taken our offer, would recommend it to fellow merchants.

One fixed price, no hidden fees, pay back when the customers pay you, get your financing within 48h and use them at your discretion.

This is how easy the repayment works

Watch the video below and see how simple it is.

48 hours and the money hits your account

We base our funding according to your transaction history. This means that we can process your application faster than other financing institutes. Everything can be done online and you can have your money on your account within 48 hours.

Automatic repayments eases your mind

You pay back the funding automatically, at a pace that suits your business. An agreed and affordable percentage is taken from your daily card transactions and used to continuously pay back the funding. When things are slow you pay less and when business is booming you pay more. This way, it will have minimum impact on your daily business.

Get in touch for a free non binding offer

Please fill out the form and we'll get right back to you, or call toll free on 0800 55 01 35 (Finland), +45 8082 6885 (Denmark) or 010 7502430 (Sweden)

Why you should choose Nets Financing:

  • Pay back when your customers pay you

  • One fixed price, no hidden fees

  • Get your funding within 48 hours

  • Get up to 1 million € in funding

  • Use the funding at your discretion

To qualify for Nets Financing you have:

  • been a Nets customer for a minimum of four months

  • a minimum of ten transactions a month on average

  • recorded transactions in at least two of the last four months

Thank you! We will back in contact with you shortly.

Nets Financing is a product powered by Liberis

Liberis is the leading provider of Business Cash Advances and have funded over €500m to businesses in Europe. Liberis was created to help businesses thrive, by building amazing technology that provides access to simple, flexible and fair finance.