Nets 360

Power your business. Empower your customers.

In an OmniChannel world consumers don’t distinguish between online and offline. Neither should your payment solution.

A key to the full customer experience

Nets 360 is payment and personal customer experiences made easy. Centred around the customer’s preferred payment methods, Nets 360 creates a smooth shopping experience and connects all touchpoints. The integrated approach will help you grow your business and easily adapts to retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. This is payments for an easier tomorrow.

Step 1: It starts with a purchase

Once customers do business with you using their preferred payment method, Nets 360 will safely store the payment data and return a unique ID to your database.

Step 2: Make shopping personal and convenient

Recognising customers and getting smarter on their preferences enable you to create tailor-made OmniChannel solutions and offerings.

Step 3: Loyalty achieved

Lastly, the unique ID tagged to your customers will allow you to build loyalty offerings around them. Simply using their preferred payment method will count towards their loyalty benefits.

Enables everyday efficiency

Nets 360 provides you with what you need to run a more efficient business across all channels. From selling items and delivering orders to serving customers more smoothly, regardless of your industry. This way, you can cut costs and queues and increase revenue.

High level of security

Nets 360 gives you one secure solution for your payment needs. All transactions and card data storage are handled in a fully PCI DSS compliant environment with industry-leading uptime across services. The level of security that you and your customers deserve.

Turns data into business

Knowing how your business performs is the first step towards creating more business. Nets 360 provides you with valuable insights and an actionable overview of your business performance across all channels and touchpoints.

Make sure customers come back

It’s easier to serve customers and sell more when you know what they’re looking for. Nets 360 gives you the tools you need to recognise customers across touchpoints. This makes it easier for you to tailor solutions and increase customer satisfaction.

Services that please both your customers and your revenue

360 Flex Collect

From smooth hotel check-ins and restaurant pick-ups, to letting customers collect online items in-store, this flexible service brings convenience to both your customers and your business.

360 Returns

People change their minds. 360 Returns makes it easy to return an online purchase in-store or cancel a reservation across all touchpoints, while letting you keep customers happy.

360 Instant Pay

The fastest way to pay, both online, offline or in-app. Once the preferred payment method is registered and safely stored by Nets, customers only need to tap, swipe or click to pay.

360 Aisles

For retailers with more merchandise than display space, you can eliminate out-of-stock issues by merging your physical and online store with 360 Aisles.

360 Subscriptions

Give your customers an easy route to subscription services by setting up a recurring payment on your digital platform based on a payment made in your physical location.

360 Loyalty

Loyal customers are key to a healthy business. 360 Loyalty makes it easy for you to set up loyalty programmes based on the unique ID returned to your database every time a customer makes a purchase.

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Nets 360 easily adapts to both retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other service industries. Let’s explore what we can do for you.

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