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Gift Card


What is gift card?

A gift card is a small plastic card that looks like a credit card and comes pre-loaded with credit or money. A gift card is an opportunity for a shopping center to offer its customers and merchants more added value.

A gift card is usually a card with a magnetic strip, which is compatible with the payment terminals needed to process bank cards, and at the same time has a relatively affordable cost. 

In the simplest case, a gift card can also be a plastic card with a beautiful design that characterizes the center, which only carries the identity of the card issuer.

Nets Estonia solution

Nets Estonia provides gift card solution to the shopping centers and malls. The main components of the gift card system service are:

  • Gift card activation and printing program
  • Gift card authorization, from the payment terminal, cash register system, oral authorization by phone 24 hours a day, all days of the week
  • Processing payments, generating reports
  • Customer support 24h

The scope of developing a specific system depends on the customer's requirements and needs and is determined by the budget of the specific project.​