Swedbank renews Frame Agreement with Nets in Estonia


Swedbank has once again chosen to renew the framework agreement with Nets in Estonia.

The Swedbank and Nets Estonia partnership in Estonia goes way back to the forming of Nets Estonia in the early Nineties, where Swedbank was amongst the founding fathers. Ever since, the relationship and cooperation has been strong and combined we are driving the development of the card eco-system in the Baltic countries.


"In cooperation with Nets, Swedbank has delivered various card payment services to its customers in Estonia for many years. During that time we have together been developing the habit of using cards to be important and natural part of everyday life of our customers. With this also follows the responsibility to deliver high quality services through a reliable partner with experience and high service quality. This has become a critical success factor to enable new innovative services in future," says Head of Issuing Product Delivery, Tõnu Ots


The renewed Frame Agreement between Swedbank and Nets continues existing business and makes it possible to grow mutual business together,  including new innovative services under the current structure.


"Swedbank is the largest bank in the Baltic countries and we are very excited about the renewed agreement; it lays a strong foundation for our continued expansion in the Baltic countries. Our mutual growth is and has always been key priority in this region, where Nets is now rolling out our strong value proposition within Mobile Payments, Wallets and Tokenization to the first customers already this year," says Head of Baltic region in Nets, Henrik Anker Jørgensen. 


For further information, please contact:
Henrik Anker Jørgensen, Head of Baltic Region, Nets A/S, +45 2948 2358, email: hajor@nets.eu

Raivo Tinn, Country senior executive, Nets Estonia AS +372 671 1423, email: rtinn@nets.eu

Tõnu Ots, Head of Issuing Product Delivery, Swedbank Group Cards, +372 888 3850, email  tonu.ots@swedbank.ee


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