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Digitisation and automation of payment and business processes make workflows more flexible, easier and more efficient. At Nets we have extensive knowledge about new and existing payment solutions, and we closely follow developments. We take care of integrations and updates, so you can focus on your core business.

With our secure and stable solutions we help you accelerate your digital transformation and improve your customer interactions, enabling you to respond to increased competition, new regulation and user expectations.

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The Nordics have led the way in the development of digital payments and related services and is the most digitised region in Europe. Nets has played a key role in this development by shaping a new digital reality based on innovation, stability and security.

Handling billions of transactions annually, we are among the top payment processors in Europe and keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for our customers to handle digital payments and related services. This has made Nets a trusted partner to more than 300,000 merchants, including 30,000 online merchants, more than 240,000 enterprises and over 240 banks across the Nordic and Baltic regions. 

It's our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions and ensure we remain a reliable hub of the payments industry building on unmatched connectivity.

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​Introduction to Betalingsservice

Betalingsservice is the Direct Debit scheme within Denmark. It enables merchants to automatically collect krone-denominated payments from their customers. Once a mandate is in place, Betalingsservice allows the merchant to initiate payment collection without future action needed from the customer. This is called a pull-based approach and can be an optimal method of payment for the following reasons:

Control of cash flow

​With Direct Debit, it is the merchant who controls when they get paid. This can dramatically decrease the number of late payments they receive.

Convenient automation

​Direct Debit can offer a high level of automation with the right tools, resulting in reduced admin hours for both merchants and their customers.

Greater flexibility

​Direct Debit allows the merchant to vary payment amounts and frequencies.

​Integration to Betalingsservice

Here are the four basic manuals on how to integrate to Betalingsservice.

Guidance for data suppliers concerning XML000 delivery in Betalingsservice

Your economy program generates an XML000 delivery, which is sent to Betalingsservice to send payment collections to your customers. The file may contain automatic charges and/or charges via payment cards that are delivered to e-Boks or print. 

Guidance for data suppliers concerning deliverable 602 in Betalingsservice

When payments are made, you will receive a 602 delivery that contains payment information. This can be received as a totalised file after the rejection and reversal deadline, or as current files when there are payments.

Guidance for data suppliers concerning deliverable 603 in Betalingsservice

A 603 delivery can give notification when registrations and deregistration's occur but can also be configured to receive a single file each month, containing all active agreements.

Guidance for data suppliers concerning deliverable 605 in Betalingsservice

Various economy programs can generate 605 files that can ensure registration and deregistration of your customers to/from Betalingsservice, so that your customers do not have to register/register with services such as netbank.

​Integrate Betalingsservice with ediEX

Setting up access to Betalingsservice can be a time consuming process, because of the complexity of different file types in an old format (fixed text files). Using our ediEX solution to manage Betalingsservice payments removes complexity.

More and more payment options are appearing, and consumers expect that they can pay easily and flexibly using their preferred channel. EdiEX gives you access to all available payment channels and solutions in the Nordic countries, such as Betalingsservice, Dankort, mobile, card payments, e-Boks and MobilePay. With a single integration, it is easy to send bills and documents securely to any favoured channel in the Nordic countries. The channels you want to use are up to you.

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