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NemID is becomming MitID

​The Danish Agency of Digitisation has announced Nets as the winner of the big tender for the next generation of the national, digital identity named MitID.

We will keep you updated and support you with material and advise, for you as a Service Provider to learn about the possibilities in MitID, and you can prepare for the new IT infrastructure.

​What will happen?

It is the expectation that MitID will go live in the summer 2021. NemID will continue until public authorities and private Service Providers have been migrated to the new solution. This means that Danish citizens can use both NemID and MitID during the migration period.

​Service Providers connect to a Broker

The changeover to MitID will bring a new infrastructure, where private Service Providers must be connected to a Broker. A Broker is a private company that provides access to MitID, such as the public NemLog-in and a number of data centres that are currently providing access to NemID.

We assume that the infrastructure will have more Brokers in the financial sector and among private companies as time is approaching go-live.

What is a Broker?

Offering login with MitID on your website will require that you are connected to a Broker.

A layer between you as Service Provider and MitID

​A Broker is a layer between you as Service Provider and MitID. Only Brokers will have to relate to changes in the MitID interfaces and integrate the ongoing updates. This means that it will be easier for you to operate as a Service Provider in the future infrastructure.

At the present time, only public Service Providers are able to connect to NemLog-in, whereas the next generation of NemLog-in will also be made available to private Service Providers.

Attractive extra services

​Private Service Providers are able to choose the Broker who offers the most relevant and attractive extra services on top of the standard solution, such as:

  • Signature

  • User rights management

  • Alternative interfaces for integration

  • Authentication with other eID solutions

  • Alternative user experience

  • Enriched authentication with additional attributes from other sources

  • Deeper integration with the Service Provider's solutions.

​What does this mean to me as a Service Provider?

When connecting as a Service Provider to a Broker, you gain several benefits. Only Brokers will be required to relate to changes in MitID interfaces and integrate the required updates. This means that you will not need to allocate IT resources each time there is an update to the solution.

At Nets, we are working to make it as easy as possible for you to migrate from NemID to MitID. We will keep you informed so that you can prepare for the MitiD IT infrastructure, and we will keep you up to date on the new opportunities that MitID will give you.


Differentiated levels of security

There will be several levels of security within MitID: Low, Significant and High. As Service Provider, you can choose the level of security that is compliant with your service. It may be that there is information on your website that your users need to access using a single-factor login (e.g. user-id and password), whereas other information or actions require a login with two factors (strong authentication), as we are familiar with from NemID. 

​What does it mean to my users?

It is expected that all NemID users will be migrated from mid-2021. The relationship between you and your users will not change. The difference is that they will have to use MitID and not NemID when logging into your website in the future.

Stay updated on MitID

We will inform you on an ongoing basis and support you with material and good advice all the way, so that you know your options and can prepare for the new infrastructure.


Contact us

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about the transition from NemID to MitID, being a private Service Provider.