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Certificate Signing Request


Certificate Signing Request

To get the certificate issued, you will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), using the openssl tool.

Openssl is installed on most Linux and Mac systems.
For Windows you can download and install it from the OpenSSL Wiki website, or as part of the Cygwin project.

Please fill out the fields below, this will generate the exact openssl command that you need to run.

Company name (CN)
CVR number
UID number

Openssl command:

When done, copy the openssl command to your clipboard and paste it into a command prompt / shell on a system with openssl installed.

After openssl has run, you will have generated 2 files:
1. privatekey.key contains your private key, it should be kept secure, and will be needed along with the certificate, once issued.
2. A CSR-file, this is the file that you will provide to Nets for issuing of the certificate.

Generate p12 file

When you have received the issued certificate, you can generate a PKCS12 file with your private key, and your new certificate, using openssl (replace CVR-UID):
openssl pkcs12 -inkey privatekey.key -export -in CVR-UID.crt -certfile certs/ca.crt -out CVR-UID.p12