AvtaleGiro Service Agreement

For a payee to accept payments via AvtaleGiro, a contractual agreement is required between the payee and the payee’s bank. The agreement relates to a specific bank account where AvtaleGiro payments will be credited. It is best to contact your bank to begin the registration process. In some cases, it may be appropriate to set up a new account for AvtaleGiro, for example when:

  • ​The payee changes the KID structure as part of initiating AvtaleGiro
  • The payee does not offer AvtaleGiro for all its services. This is to avoid payment mandates​ being generated for services for which the payee does not wish to offer AvtaleGiro

Once a new agreement is made with the bank and processed by Nets, an email will be sent to the contacts specified on the registration form with further information and notification that the service is ready for use.

Communication settings are included in the registration process. Payees often use ERPs to send, receive, and process data related to AvtaleGiro, and these ERPs must be specified in the agreement. If the payee is using an ERP which has already established communication with Nets for AvtaleGiro, no testing is necessary. However, if the data sender/receiver is establishing AvtaleGiro communication for the first time, whether it’s a third-party or the payee themselves, testing must be performed before using the service.

The registration form can be downloaded here (Norwegian version) and here (English version) and can be submitted to your bank.