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Application Specialist

0% Automating processes and tasks
0% Freeing workmates from boring work
0% Spreading fun sprinkled with sarcasm

When I´m at work, I´m powered by:

New challenging tasks where I can apply gathered knowledge and automate various processes thus freeing workmates from repetitive work. I love trying out various problem-solving approaches with my colleagues. Cherry on the top are our watercooler talks where we mock each other, laugh and bat around the latest political affairs.

When I´m off work, I´m powered by:

Playing board games and Play Station with my three kids, strolling through the woods, picking mushrooms, gathering chestnuts, watching movies, and enjoying company of my wife and friends over a glass of beer or wine.

This is 5% of my personality and the story behind it:

Laughter makes everything so much better! Adding humour to almost any situation is my specialty.

​Educational background

I graduated as m. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

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