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Digital Creative Manager

0% Making payments appealing and vivid
0% Showing merchants new business opportunities
0% Breathing ritual in the mornings

When I´m at work, I´m powered by:

My "Born to leads" team. New ideas that I implement graphically to make our product even more understandable for our customers.

When I´m off work, I´m powered by:

My handball team. Our team spirit is really unique. Spending time with my friends and trying new food spots together.

This is 5% of my personality and the story behind it:

Breathing ritual in the mornings - It's important for me to start fresh every day and do something good for myself. This way I am prepared for all tasks in everyday life.

​Educational background

I started my career with a Training for insurance and finance at an insurance (Alte Leipziger Versicherung). After that I run a Trainee Sales program at Görtz. To complete my educational background, I am studying media- and communication management at a distance university.

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