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Senior Manager Accounts Payable

0% Securing financial compliance across borders
0% Preparing processes and systems for European expansion
0% Laughing at silly videos

When I´m at work, I´m powered by:

Continuously improve the efficiency of our financial processes to support our organization in reaching their goals.

When I´m off work, I´m powered by:

Spending time with my teenage sons, either watching the latest superhero movie, or trying to keep up with the conversations on the latest computer games or Youtubers. When failing miserably at the latter, I turn to a great book or Netflix.

This is 5% of my personality and the story behind it:

Laughing at silly videos.
I love to do things far from the daily world of Finance, ranging from documentaries on health, science, crime investigation, cars, silly videos and much more. I aim to know a little bit of everything, which helps in striking up conversations with lots of different people, as well as expanding my own horizon.

​Educational background

After 2 years as a Finance trainee, I finished my AP Graduate in Financial Management. I then moved on to insurance mathematics in Copenhagen University, but decided after 1 year to return to the world of Accounting.

I have more than 20 years of experience within finance, whereof 11 has been spent as a manager. Over the years I’ve worked with various different areas and have found my passion in the combination of financial processes and systems to support them.

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