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Operation Analyst

0% Preparing operational numbers
0% Optimizing productivity and profitability
0% Playing my piano

When I´m at work, I´m powered by:

What empowers me is Collaboration. Collaboration is our Key. Knowledge from processed values gives us a solid foundation to fuel precise forecasts and budgets. We work closely together with stakeholders to enable each other, but together we work the best. Information sharing and knowledge sparring will deliver excellent Workforce Management products. In addition, we want to ensure a fair and a realistic distribution of the workload.

When I´m off work, I´m powered by:

I love the balance through sports and music. I get up at 5am every day to do sports. It motivates me to be productive early in the morning.

It is not a secret that I like to eat very much. Food cultures from different countries arouse great interest and curiosity in me.

I also like to spend time with my friends and family and do different things together.

This is 5% of my personality and the story behind it:

Playing my piano regularly gives me the necessary rest and gives me the energy for being productive.

​Educational background

I graduated from the Higher Commercial School for Business and Administration. In addition, I studied business administration with a focus on insurance at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. In-depth knowledge of all technical help desk and customer service processes rounding my profile.

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