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Ammar Zainee

​.Net Developer at Nets Branch Norway

Working at Nets

Working at Nets puts you at the heart of this rapidly evolving payments industry which is exciting to be a part of. As payments are something that we all use in our daily life, I can relate my work with my everyday life.

I like that Nets is highly open to explore new payments ideas. Nets organizes Hackathons. These Hackathons promotes innovative ideas. I have had the pleasure of participating in it and to present my idea. I learnt a lot from other participants as well.

I have also been a part of “Technology Track Day”, where it is possible to talk to people who are creating and finalising policies or structures of different tracks that Nets has defined. The track leaders interact with a few chosen members from different accounts. At one point, I was the nominated one from my team. Furthermore, the track day gives you the chance to talk about how you feel about your job, task areas, etc. There is also the initiative that even though we have a top down structure, everyone get feedback from the bottom up. Even developers and architects, who are not involved in the strategy directly, can in this way still give their inputs. It feels good witnessing that the management values the opinion of other departments and layers of the organisation. In general, I think that Nets has a very open culture and is not as hierarchical as it could be.

Working as a developer at Nets

Being a developer working in e-commerce is exciting. I believe it is a positive thing that I easily can relate the technology I work on to my daily life. Sometimes when I make a payment I see the result from one of our projects coming up on a screen during a payment. That makes me proud.

In our team we do not stick to only one area of products and technology. I have the freedom to test technology that I think is good instead of only working on one specific technology. That brings a lot of value to the work I do, as there are different aspects to learn about with all the different technologies.

All of us in the department use our own technical skills and bring in our own ideas. We constantly learn more – we learn about the technology, and then we apply it, at the same time as we frequently explore new ideas. That brings in personal growth, and I always feel like I am connected to the latest trends in the market when it comes to payments.​

Ammar Zainee - ​.Net Developer at Nets Branch Norway

​Educational background

I studied Electronics Engineering, a four-year course, from NIT Surat (National Institute of Technology) in Surat, India. After graduating I started working in the IT industry.

All of us in the department use our own technical skills and bring in our own ideas

Main working areas

I work with IT Merchant Services as a full stack developer. I work on the project, Netaxept, which is an online payment gateway.

Why other developers should work at Nets

It is important to work on the latest technology when you are a developer, and you get the opportunity for that at Nets. There is room for flexibility in our department, and Nets offers a lot of opportunities to grow and try different roles. Personally, I feel like I can choose a career path for myself within Nets.

We have an initiative going on called “Fun at work” in which we do some activities that connects the members in the department. The activities include games, gatherings, and small events. It is important to everyone in the department to also have fun while we work.

It is worth mentioning that Nets has a gym in the basement, which I enjoy before working hours.

Exciting tasks in the future

We do a lot of changes very quickly that becomes visible in the market. When it comes to e-commerce we constantly must be one step ahead and adapt quickly, as the market constantly experiences changes.

When we hear about technology that are being used in other countries, we try to see what we can do with our current projects in order to adapt. Currently, we keep an eye on future payments like biometric payments and mobile payments. It is exciting to witness different payment methods being implemented and talked about by the public, such as Apple Pay. Apple Pay was integrated by our team, and I was fortunate enough to be the one who did it. When projects like that hits the market and becomes something that people talk about, it gives me a very good feeling to know that I have been a part of it.