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Sales Representative

0% Helping customers optimise their business
0% Providing faster and safer payment solutions
0% Laughing my heart out

When I´m at work, I´m powered by:

To guide different businesses across Denmark in various payment solutions and helping them grow their businesses. On a more personal level I enjoy working at Nets as it gives me room to grow and keeps me challenged....... And then of course eat a lot of cakes!

When I´m off work, I´m powered by:

Watching football with friends is a weekly tradition. Furthermore I study a Graduate diploma in Marketing Management part-time, which contributes to my professional development.

This is 5% of my personality and the story behind it:

Laughing my heart out. I love to travel and aim to spend all my vacations outside of Denmark. I love experiencing new cultures, different kind of food and meeting new people.

​Educational background

I did my Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at CBS in 2016 and is currently studying for my Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing management) at CBS, from where I will graduate July 2019.

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