Corporate Services


Corporate Services provides payment platform for recurring bills and credit transfer transactions for corporates, and digital identity solutions mainly in Denmark and Norway.

 At the centre of our offerings within payment of recurring bills is our ability to provide a seamless and integrated solution for payments of recurring bills to corporate companies and consumers (i.e. Leverandørservice and Betalingsservice). We also offer solutions for real-time clearing, providing instant payments from account to account as well as the national digital identity solutions in Denmark and Norway, named NemID and BankID respectively.

Nets provides the payment platform for recurring bill and credit transfer transactions to more than 250,000 corporate companies, mainly in Denmark and Norway.

Our ambition remains to be the premium provider of account-to-account services, including recurring payment services & national clearing and settlement services, as well as to enable secure and convenient digital identity systems in Denmark and Norway and make business processes paperless through digitisation.