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Responsible Employer

​We respect and prioritise the well-being of our employees across locations and countries, and we strive to have the best possible physical and psychological work environment in which work-related illnesses are avoided. In addition, we strive to provide all employees with a healthy work-life balance to reconcile the demands of working life and family life.

This includes a continuous focus on eliminating work-related illnesses and improving the health and safety measures already installed by providing a non-discriminatory, safe, and healthy work place for all. Further to this, we strive to embody a culture of continual learning for our employees whilst embedding our core values in the everyday work environment.

Our approach to human rights is firmly based on Nets’ core values and ethical guidelines. Nets Human & Labour Rights Policy is guided by the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The purpose of the policy is to define the framework and provide a basis for the Group’s work with respect to human rights. The policy covers key issues with importance for the Group and its employees, such as non-discrimination and protection against harassment.

In essence, we are committed to ensure that our employees continuously increase their “employability” through continuous development and having a good work environment adding new competencies throughout their careers in Nets. The objective is to confirm that our employees become still more attractive and employable once they move on in their career inside or outside of Nets.

For the Nets Branch Norway equality report 2022 download the report here.


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Mette Vadstrup

Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager