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Verifone terminals ready for Dankort on the mobile

Press Release

​A new agreement between Verifone and Nets will enable the Danes to pay on all Verifone's terminals in Denmark using their Dankort on the mobile. The contract is the latest in a series of agreements Nets is signing for Dankort on the mobile phone, which means that the vast majority of terminals in Denmark will be prepared for payment with the mobile from the beginning of the new year.

"We expect many different forms of payment in the future, and customers and shops will benefit from having the same terminal as hub for payment with cards as well as the mobile phone. Dankort is the most widespread means of payment in Denmark, and the Danes are used to paying using their Dankort in payment terminals. We believe the digital variety will be interesting for many consumers, and they will prefer to use their mobile at the terminal. That is why it is important for us that our customers will be able to accept mobile Dankort payments on their Verifone terminals," says Chris Lund-Hansen, CEO, Verifone Denmark.


Shops won't be required to make any special agreement or pay special prices to accept payment with Dankort on the mobile.  Dankort payments on the mobile will be part of the same low rate the shops are already paying for accepting Dankort. This means the same high level of security, the same payment guarantee, and the same price as today.


"We are seeing that an increasing number of Danes want to pay with their mobile phone. With this agreement, we make sure that consumers wanting to pay by Dankort on the mobile can do so in the stores where they are used to shop. Without any additional costs for the store," explains Jeppe Juul-Andersen, Senior Vice President and Business responsible for Dankort, Nets.

Dankort on the mobile is a digital copy of the physical debit card. To get Dankort on the mobile phone, Danes must download a digital wallet as an app. The banks will provide the digital wallets. All Dankort holders will be able to install the card on their mobile phone.


The terminals only need a software update and then they are ready for mobile payments. With the update users of Android smartphones can pay contactless on the terminal via NFC technology, and iPhone users via QR-codes. By installing a BLE chip in the terminal iPhone users are also able to pay contactless via Bluetooth. Verifone customers can order the chip through Verifone. Most terminals will be updated during the first part of 2017.



Søren Winge

​Head of Press Relations
(+45)​ 29 48 26 ​​​46​