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The largest Danish Loyalty club goes contactless


​More than 300,000 cardholders in the largest Danish Loyalty club, The Danish Consumption Association (Forbrugsforeningen) will now receive a new payment card with chip. This means that payments can be contactless, which is the preferred payment method in Denmark

From this week, the largest loyalty club in Denmark, The Danish Consumption Association's more than 300,000 cardholders will receive a new card equipped with contactless chip. This way, members can pay in same fast and simple way as most Danes have now become used to and increasingly prefer.


"We are experiencing that contactless payments are so well-established amongst the Danes that it is perceived as an advantage to be able to pay with contactless card. We are therefore looking forward to give our members this option," says Finn Borgquist, CEO, Forbrugsforeningen.

When you receive your card the PIN-code will be unchanged, so the customer does not need to wait for a letter to arrive by mail before being able to use the card. If the customer is unsure about their PIN-code, it can be found by logging into their membership account with the Danish eSecurity solution, NemID. 

Safe and well-developed technology
The issuing of new cards happens in close collaboration with Nets, who uses the same technology on all other chip cards issued in Denmark.


"We are happy to provide a safe and well-developed and tested technology for a card issuer such as Forbrugsforeningen, where we through close collaboration can ensure a simple and seamless transition for the members," says Peter Rosenlund, Senior Product Manager, Nets.


Like other Danish issued cards, contactless payments can be used without PIN-code on purchases under 350 DKK, besides the occasional safety checks on purchases below this threshold. The first purchase must be validated using PIN.

The Danish Consumption Association expects that all their members will receive a new card before the end of July this year.


About The Danish Consumption Association (Forbrugsforeningen)

The Danish Consumption Association is Denmark's oldest and largest loyalty club with more than 300,000 card holders and more than 225,000 member families. It is a non-profit organisation established as a part of the co-operative movement in 1886.

The Danish Consumption Association product is a combined loyalty and credit card to be used in shops and web-shops to earn and accumulate bonuses, also called cashback. The size of bonuses varies from shop to shop. To become a member, one has to be a member of a trade union. There is a small membership fee.