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SpareBank 1 expands cooperation with Nets

Press release

​The SpareBank 1 Alliance has expanded its cooperation with Nets on 3D Secure to include Risk-Based Authentication (RBA). This solution enables quicker and easier online shopping for SpareBank 1’s personal customers without compromising on security.

​The authentication solution that SpareBank 1 will offer its cardholders is based on a number of predefined parameters and criteria, with the result that customers can often complete an online transaction without additional authentication. This makes online shopping very quick and easy for customers.


Increased convenience – same high security level

Risk-Based Authentication is used in combination with BankID and BankID mobile, already familiar to customers. RBA will help to boost online sales by making things much more straightforward for consumers without compromising on security.

"This solution will improve the customer experience of online shopping. Cardholders have sometimes found 3D Secure a bit cumbersome to use, especially for minor purchases and repeat purchases from the same store. With that in mind, we think this will also boost turnover for online shops, with fewer customers abandoning their cart without completing the purchase," according to Øystein Lysvik, General Manager, Cards at SpareBank 1.

DNB has been using this solution for about a year, while the Sparebank 1 Alliance has recently resolved to introduce the service.


"Because paying is so much easier now than before, we've seen a substantial reduction in the number of customers abandoning their electronic cart at the point of payment. This improves the online shopping experience and helps stores to make more sales," says DNB Senior Specialist Frode Lauvås.


Mobile solutions increase the demands for user convenience   

Nets provides the 3D Secure service for many banks in the Nordic region, including the largest three Norwegian banks. The service ensures that the cardholder and the store are able to complete transactions securely during online shopping. Using 3D Secure protects the cardholder from online fraud while ensuring/guaranteeing settlement of the transaction for the store.


"RBA resolves a challenge faced by cardholders using 3D Secure and online shopping. The growth of mobile solutions introduces additional demands for simplicity and user-friendliness. Nets is constantly working to improve customer experience of its solutions without compromising on security," according to Jørgen Stråtveit, Senior Vice President of Financial & Network Services at Nets.


For further information, please contact:
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