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Paying by phone is now as easy as by contactless Dankort

Press release

​Before summer Nets and the BOKIS banks will be ready to offer all users of BOKIS-wallets and the Dankort app mobile payments from lock-screen. From today users of the Dankort Idea Lab get the opportunity to try this new functionality via their Dankort app in the stores of Dansk Supermarket. This means that it is as easy to pay using the mobile as the contactless Dankort.

​The members of Dankort Idea Lab – a development forum for Dankort users of Dankort app – get the opportunity to try payments from lock-screen in all the stores of Dansk Supermarked. The purpose is to gain experience before the functionality is made generally available for all users of Dankort on the mobile. It will also be possible to validate the purchase with TouchID.


"Payments with lock-screen and validation via TouchID are the payment functionalities that have been highest on the wish list for the almost 700 active users of the Dankort Idea Lab. So we are happy to make exactly these payment functionalities available in all the stores of Dansk Supermarked. We look forward to hearing the feed-back from both customers and staff," says Nets Senior Vice President, Responsible for Dankort Jeppe Juul-Andersen.


Dansk Supermarked at the forefront

Dansk Supermarked's stores will be the first to offer Dankort payment with locked screen. iPhone users will be able to pay using the Dankort app without having to activate their phone in all Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling stores:


"For us it is crucial that payment at our check-outs is as easy and user-friendly as possible. Our customers have positively adopted the contactless Dankort, and we are pleased to offer an equally good alternative to those wanting to pay using their iPhone," says Dansk Supermarked Head of IT Business Support Jens Freiberg.


Payments from lock-screen

Users can make payments of up to DKK 200 by moving their iPhone over the black box next to the terminal in the store. Similar to the contactless Dankort, all amounts above DKK 200 must be approved with a four-digit code or TouchID.


"We are happy to be in the forefront of the development of Dankort also in this area. Soon all customers in the BOKIS-banks will have the opportunity to do contactless payment with Dankort via the mobile in a way that can match the user experience we know from the physical contactless Dankort. Users of our Android-solution have been able to try this out since the beginning of April. Now we look forward to extending this to all our customers", says Jesper Schøler, Chairman of BOKIS.


The new functionalities that can now be tried out by a number of chosen users is expected to be generally available for Danes before the summer break both in bank issued wallets from the approximately 60 members of the Association of Local Banks, Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks in Denmark (Lokale Pengeinstitutter), Nykredit Bank, Sydbank, Spar Nord Bank, Lån & Spar Bank and Arbejdernes Landsbank and also via the Dankort app.


Contact information

Søren Winge, Head of Press Relations

Tel.: +45 29 48 26 46



Lisbeth Nielsen, Head of Communications in BOKIS

Tel.: +45 20 21 02 30