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PSD2: CAPS’ framework gaining attention in Europe


​How can the industry implement ‘access to accounts’ in a way that would be beneficial to all parties? CAPS, an open initiative working to define common standards for the implementation of PSD2, has published a new white paper guiding payments and financial services professionals. Nets is a key contributor.

​CAPS as a concept was developed after the initial release of PSD2 and has since been continuously evolved by a growing number of stakeholders, with a focus on developing the framework and defining services, as well as further refining APIs and procedures.

Together, Nets and other EU-based companies in the open CAPS initiative have been working towards forming an open framework which specifies a set of ‘access to account’-related services complementing the PSD2 compliance requirements.
The first CAPS white paper released August 2015 was a milestone for operationalising PSD2, and the second edition follows the same principles, although with new descriptions on details and structures. Naturally, the framework will be updated to reflect the recent release by the European Banking Authorities (EBA) of the draft regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication and secure communication.

Read the white paper #2 here or on CAPS’ website. The site promotes the joint initiative by the companies behind.




​About CAPS

CAPS stands for ‘Convenient Access to PSD2 Services’. The CAPS services and the underlying open framework realise the regulatory intent of the PSD2 and benefit both users (better services, more convenience, increased security and full user control of any access to data), third-party providers (convenient access to many banks across Europe in a harmonised way) and banks (reduction of complexity and cost plus becoming more attractive to new services provided by Fintechs and other third parties).

The CAPS network is open to anyone – please go to the website to join.