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Nexi Ambition to be Leading European PayTech

Press release

Nexi Group, that Nets is part of, presented today its new strategy. Our ambition is to expand our role as the leading PayTech in Europe. To realise this potential will require considerable investments and resources and therefore we have decided to seek a suitable new owner for our eID business.

Nexi Group, that Nets is a part of, presented its strategy for the coming years. The main ambition is – building on the strong position that Nexi, Nets and Sia independently have created – is to generate further growth and become the leading PayTech in Europe.

"We want to expand digital payments across Europe – not least in the regions where cash is still the preferred means of payment. This will demand focus and considerable resources on both existing and new markets", says Country Manager in Nets Denmark, Torsten Hagen Jørgensen, who is also CEO of Nets Issuer & eSecurity Services.


Nexi/Nets to seek new suitable owner for eID business

International demand and interest for eID solutions with inspiration from the Nordic region is growing.  This demand has been accelerated during the pandemic where the most digitized countries managed the crisis better and were quickest to bounce back economically and financially. Common European wallet projects and standards in the eID areas add to the market potential and to realize this growth potential will demand considerable resources and focus.

"Through the development of digital identification and signature solutions in the Nordic Region we have created a strong platform to export similar solutions throughout Europe, where we are experiencing high demand. To realise this potential will require considerable investment and resources which could compromise NexiGroup's ambition to win in the European payments market.", says Torsten Hagen Jørgensen, and continues:

"We will now initiate a process to find a new suitable owner, who better than us, can develop our eID business, and who also understands and respects the responsibility to customers and society this entails. We are very aware of the critical role that our solutions play in the Nordic societies, and we will of course only consider an owner that meets the same high standards and requirements of reliability, quality and security that we, our customers, and authorities require of Nets".

Nexi will now begin the process of seeking new owners of its eID business. This process is first expected to be concluded after NemID has been phased out and MitID is fully implemented.

Facts on Nets eID Business

Nets has for over a decade been the leading supplier of critical digital infrastructure in the Nordic region. Our experience in the area has contributed to creating solutions in Denmark and Norway that have driven digitisation of the private and public sectors. The portfolio of products for digital identification and signatures meets recent EU standards and are based on technologies built for scalability and internationalisation that easily can be exported throughout Europe – regardless of whether customers are banks, businesses, or public authorities.



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