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New Dankort app to be launched

Press release

​In the course of spring 2017, Nets will launch a new Dankort app that together with the wallets from the banks will make Dankort on your mobile easily accessible to all consumers regardless of their bank. With this innovation, Nets responds to the wish of retail and makes it easy to get started with Dankort payments using the mobile phone.

​Nets is taking an important step towards making Dankort available on the mobile phone by launching an app that can be downloaded directly from App Store and Google Play. The app will be launched during spring and will enable payments by Dankort on the mobile in the same user-friendly way that many Danes are familiar with from the contactless Dankort.


 "In recent years, retail has invested in the development of the contactless Dankort and later in Dankort on your mobile. The sector has expressed a strong wish that Dankort will also be supported by a separate app as this will create the best conditions for Dankort to remain the Danes' preferred method of payment in stores. We have chosen to comply with this wish", says Senior Vice President of Nets,  Jeppe Juul-Andersen.


BOKIS banks ready for Dankort on your mobile

Dankort on your mobile is an open infrastructure allowing the payment mechanism of Dankort to be incorporated in other apps. The countrywide and local banks in the BOKIS partnership will soon launch an app that will make Dankort available on the mobile. This will also give the opportunity to store other payment cards on the mobile. This means that consumers will be able to get started in step with the update of the terminals.


The BOKIS partnership consists of close to 60 local Danish payment institutions as well as Sydbank, Spar Nord Bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank and Nykredit Bank, represents a significant part of the Danish banks, meaning that the new mobile wallet will be available to many Danish consumers.


"We welcome the BOKIS-banks in their support of Dankort. We are proud to joint in the development of the banks wallets that will help secure the availability of Dankort on your mobile", says Jeppe Juul-Andersen, and adds:


"To ensure a first-class user experience for all Danes with a Dankort wishing to use it on their mobile, we have found it important to make an app available that is convenient and easily accessible to all Danes," Jeppe Juul-Andersen concludes


Retailers welcome Dankort app

Confederation of Danish Enterprise Director Henrik Hyltoft is satisfied with Nets' decision to develop an independent app as a complement to the wallets of banks and other providers that will also make Dankort available on the mobile phone:

"New payment solutions offer consumers and businesses more options and help drive the development towards easier and faster payments for retail. We are looking forward to Dankort now becoming a separate app. We know that mobile payment has great potential, and with the new Dankort app the Danes will have a new, efficient and inexpensive method of payment on their mobile.


Dansk Supermarked has been one of the chain stores to demand a Dankort app that's easily available to all customers. According to Dansk Supermarked Group Senior Director IT Business Support Jens Freiberg, Dankort is a unique payment infrastructure that is important to develop and strengthen:


"Our customers have great confidence in Dankort and we want an solution that is as easy, convenient and low cost as possible for all our customers.  So for us it is completely natural to support the mobile solution for Dankort. Once Dankort on your mobile is available our terminals will be ready to accept payments and we are happy it will be to the same low price we know from Dankort which is a big advantage for the consumers. Dankort on your mobile means no new prices and no new contracts for the retailers."


Unfortunately, attempts to find a solution with MobilePay to make Dankort on your mobile available in their wallet have been unsuccessful so far.


Contact information

Søren Winge, Head of Press Relations, Nets.
T: +45 29 48 26 46.