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Nets successfully delivers real time payment system in Denmark

Press release 04-12-2014

​Nets, the leading provider of payment infrastructures and solutions in the Nordics, has successfully delivered a new real time payment solution (RealTime24/7) supporting the Danish banking community's efforts in providing customers with instant payment options. A key target when launching real time payments is moving mobile P2P payments from existing platforms into a true real time environment offering full reach and interoperability.

​“The launch of the real time payment solution is the pinnacle of the modernisation process of the Danish clearing infrastructure undertaken by the Danish financial sector and the Danish Central Bank. Supplying this solution underpins our strategy to be the leading provider of innovative payment solutions” said Torben Hohlmann, SVP Payments, Nets, and continues, “RealTime24/7 is not just a real time payment clearing and settlement system, but an information highway where all types of messages may be processed according to requirements”.

The ISO 20022 based real time software is designed to support future innovative product and services, including open code level access options, as well as easy implementation of local needs, as required by individual banking communities.

RealTime24/7 features include a Liquidity module, minimizing banks liquidity needs across multiple clearing systems, DNS and/or real time settlement options, and transaction processing of less than 40 milliseconds per transaction. The RealTime24/7 system is developed by Nets and operated from Nets’ location in Norway, although the current implementation serves the Danish market.


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Nets’ RealTime24/7 solution is a ISO 20022 based state of the art real time clearing system