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Nets reaches agreement to sell eID business to French digital identity specialist IN Groupe

Press Release

Nets, a part of Nexi Group, has reached an agreement with French IN Groupe to acquire its eID business. IN Groupe, a global leader in trustworthy digital services, is a digital identity-, cybersecurity and resilience specialist with decades of experience serving citizens, businesses, and the public sector. The company is the ideal owner and future operator of Nets’ e-ID-solutions.

Nets, a part of Nexi Group, has reached an agreement with IN Groupe, which will acquire Nets' eID business. As announced last year, the strategy and ambition of the Nexi Group is to become the undisputed champion of digital payments in Europe, which entails an ambitious growth agenda that requires our full attention and investments. Therefore, Nets has gone to great lengths to find a more suitable owner of its eID-business who can continue to develop the solutions that are crucial to Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries.

We are proud to announce that we have found a deeply trusted partner for our eID business. IN Groupe has a proven track record in delivering complex and secure digital identity solutions to governments, citizens, and businesses around Europe and has shown great interest in continuing our eID business. They have demonstrated a willingness and understanding to live up to the same high standards we have applied over the last decade and acknowledge and accept the sensitive nature of our products", says Torsten Hagen Jørgensen, Global Head of Issuing Solutions in Nexi Group.

The central part of the acquisition is the continued operations of MitID and NemLog​in, where IN Groupe will leverage its expertise to ensure that the solutions remain stable, secure, and reliable for all Danish citizens, businesses, and the public sector now and in the future.

As it lies within our DNA to assist governments in asserting their sovereignty, in protecting the identities of their citizens, and in preserving companies' integrity, the technology behind MitID and the collaboration with the Danish MitID partnership fit perfectly with our expertise in large-scale digital identity solutions. We are therefore happy to be able to further strengthen the industry-leading identity and trust solutions that Nets has developed and which have contributed to making Denmark one of the most digitized societies in the world. The past months of negotiations with Nets have given us a good understanding of the expectations that rest on a provider within this area. We feel comfortable that we are a good fit to meet the expectations of the MitID partnership, and we now look very much forward to building a long-term partnership with the Danish Agency for Digital Government and Finance Denmark, so the Danish citizens and businesses can continue to feel secure regarding their digital identities", Didier Trutt, CEO of IN Groupe says.

The completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and the authorisation of the Danish government on the suitability and capabilities of IN Groupe as their continued eID solution provider.

Until closing of the sale, we will do our utmost to ensure that our customers and the users of our services experience a continued secure and stable operation of our eID services", says Torsten Hagen Jørgensen.

The local expertise of the employees of the eID-business is key for us to continuously deliver secure and stable digital identity solutions in Denmark and in the Nordic region, and we look forward to meeting and working with all the many skilled employees involved in the eID business", Didier Trutt ends.

Nets has for over a decade been the leading supplier of fundamental digital services in Denmark and the Nordic region. Nets' e​ID business entails the maintenance and development of MitID and NemLogin, as well as the Trust and Broker- and employee services of Signaturgruppen, which will in the future be undertaken by IN Groupe.

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Contact to Media Relations in IN Groupe

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Facts about IN Groupe

IN Groupe is a French digital identity-, cybersecurity- and resilience specialist, considered to be leading in Europe. IN Groupe has been a trusted partner for the French government for many years, and the company has a proven track-record within digital identity solutions, secure documents, passports and border control, biometrics, as well as services to Central Banks.

In recent years, the company has had its main focus on Northern Europe where digital identity solutions and secure digital services are among the most advanced, meaning that IN Groupe is a trusted partner of governments in both Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. Out of its 2000 employees IN Groupe currently employs 400 people at five offices in these countries.

IN Groupe is a private company owned by the French state. It functions autonomously with a business-driven focus on developing and maintaining world-class secure digital identity solutions, and it strives to be at the forefront of technological advancements. By having a public shareholding, they benefit from stability in their business model and a long-term perspective in everything they do.