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Nets develops micropayments for digital media

Press release

​The blockchain technology, known from the Bitcoinsystem, is at the core of Nets’ newly developed payment concept for digital content. The system will increase the media industry’s possibility of charging small amounts for content.

​The blockchain technology, which is the core of the well-known bitcoin system, may be able to help drive new sources of income to the Danish and international media industry.


This is the idea behind a new concept for micropayment currently under development by Nets.


The micropayment system is a supplement that media houses can adopt to make it faster and cheaper for users to pay small amounts for single articles, music or other digital content - content that is currently a challenge to sell easily and efficiently.


Lower costs

Blockchain technology may contribute to solving this challenge because the method makes it possible to move money and assets at very low cost and with a high level of transparency.


It would, for example, be possible to introduce a kind of generic 'credits' to be used by content providers such as online newspapers, music providers, streaming services and Wi-Fi hotspot providers.


"The concept addresses various requests from our media industry customers, and also potentially opens a market for payments that Nets does not service today. We know that many media houses are looking for systems suited for handling small payments," says Simon Buchwaldt-Nissen, Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy at Nets.


Incorporated payment card

Micropayments will be done using a special kind of media credits, and both payment cards and account payments can be linked to the platform making it convenient for customers to use.


The system can become a significantly different bid for how media and other content providers in future will be able to monetize their content.


The method's low costs can potentially increase the earnings of media and other digital content providers because they can sell content at small amounts and still make a profit.

While still under development, the system will be the first koncept from the newly established Blockchain Development Lab at Nets where Nets investigates the potential of new technologies.


The system is still undergoing adaptation and is provisionally considered as a proof of concept to be adjusted to the commercial reality of the customers.



What is ...

... Micropayments?
The phenomenon covers payment of small, individual items - typically music, articles or other digital pieces often costing between a dollar and a few dollars.
The small amount of money makes it impractical to require users to pay by credit card - or to sign up and then log in whenever they want to spend a dollar or two on something.
... Blockchain?
Digital cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin exist through blockchain technology. This technology is the starting point for the whole concept.
Participants in the concept validate transactions and sign them to blockchain, which is the concept's central ledger. It records who owns what - and how the money is moved around.
The value of coins in the Nets micropayment concept is not expected to fluctuate in the way it is known from bitcoins.
... Wallets and cryptocurrency?
In principle, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ether, Dogecoins are just different versions of the same technology. Common to all of them is that they are stored in a digital wallet, which is simply a unique series of numbers.
The contents of the digital wallet are shown in blockchain, and cryptographic computations are behind the whole working method of the concept.
The micropayment concept can exchange digital coins into real money.