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Nets Passport Reader qualified for eIDAS compliant identity proofing

Press release

​The Nets Passport Reader is now eIDAS certified by BSI, one of the world's largest certification bodies. When used for identity proofing the service can now be configured across Europe for eIDAS High – the highest level of assurance. This certification is an important endorsement that provides assurance to customers that the smartphone-based solution can provide secure access to their sensitive data, without the need for face-to-face contact

The solution bridges the gap between physical ID documents and remote digital identification with the help of a simple smartphone app. By using the app, anyone in the world can be identified using a passport (or similar machine-readable ID document) and mobile phone. This enables simple, easy and secure authentication, for example for banks to verify their customers when logging in or signing documents, even without an electronic ID.

The EU Regulation 910/2014, set the standard for Trusted Service Providers delivering electronic identification and signing services in the internal market and is also known as the eIDAS Regulation. The certificate is required across Europe to enable secure and seamless interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

As demand for digital identification continues to grow rapidly, this stamp of approval is an important milestone for the Nets Passport Reader service, providing third-party confirmation to customers that the passport reader meets the standards required for eIDAS High. This means that evidence of compliance no longer needs to be provided on a customer-by-customer basis, potentially accelerating any future contract agreements.

Kai Magnus Olshausen, Head of Trust Services for eSecurity Services & Digitisation in Nets Group, comments: "Since we introduced the Nets Passport Reader in 2020, it has brought security and simplicity to remote identification across the Nordics. As part of the leading European PayTech, Nexi Group, it is important that Nets not only demonstrates that we are following international standards but documents it with a certificate by an external auditor like BSI, an acknowledged global provider of independent assessments.


"The certificate proves that we are living up to the highest market expectations when it comes to trust in digital identities. It also positions Nets well for the ongoing eIDAS 2.0 revision, which is focusing on the upcoming creation of an EU digital wallet initiative," continues Olshausen.

About Nets Passport Reader

The Nets Passport Reader is part of Nets' existing authentication services, which operate with high security standards. According to EU Regulation eIDAS Article 24.1.d, the Passport Reader provides equivalent assurance in terms of reliability to physical presence. The easy-to-use Nets Passport Reader app has multiple security layers for secure and accurate identification of the person and validation of the passport. In practice, the app is used both for reading the information in the chip of the passport and liveness detection with the camera.

This makes Passport Reader a EU certified solution which can be used for multiple use-cases, including users' remote onboarding (KYC identity verification), re-authentication according to anti-money laundering (AML), and authentication-based signing – securing a seamless interaction between the Bank and its customers. It allows customer to sign agreement, approved credit increases or open an account, in one seamless action. When used for identity proofing the service can be configured with the highest level of assurance, so called eIDAS High. When used for digital signing, our service supports both Advanced Electronic Signature (AdEs) and now Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with qualified certificate (qCert) for legally binding signatures across Europe.

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