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NemID moves into the mobile phone

Press release

Together with the Danish banks Nets, the company behind NemID, is in the process of developing a smartphone-based supplement to the NemID code card. The new system will make it easier for users to log on to their mobile and online banking service.

​The well-known NemID code card will move into Danish smartphones as from next year.


The service is to be available once Nets, in collaboration with the Danish banks, launches a smartphone-based NemID solution. The solution will make it easy and quick for users to log on to their online and mobile banking.


The technology is the result of a new contract between Nets and the banks on a modernized version of the NemID system. While Nets provides the infrastructure, the Danes will first encounter the new opportunities through their banks' digital service.


The new system will have the same high level of security as the code card.


May be further developed

The mobile-based NemID solution will serve the same purpose as the NemID code card but will initially only be working with online and mobile banking.

Subsequently, the system may be developed for use by public and private services employing NemID as well. Mobile NemID will be a supplement to the code card, which the Danes will continue to have.


Mobile NemID will be convenient for users as they no longer need to take out their code card when they want to transfer money, pay bills or buy shares.


Approve with a swipe

The aim is to develop a solution where a NemID dialogue appears on the mobile screen. Users can then approve the transfer via NemID with a swipe.


"The original version of NemID was developed into a world where smartphones were a relatively new phenomenon. With the smartphone-based solution, we and the banks are modernizing NemID to meet the expectations of today's users," says Nets Head of eSecurity Services Niels Gotfredsen.


For security reasons, the plan is that the solution is activated via the classic code card and should be reactivated if users change their phone.