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Integrated e-bill service and the direct debit solution still growing in Norway

Press release

​In 2016 almost 81 million bills were submitted as eFaktura, the integrated e-bill service in Norway, which is a growth of 16 percent compared to 2015. Approximately 104.5 million bills were payed through the direct debit solution AvtaleGiro, a growth of 7.6 percent.

​Dagfinn Sund, business manager of eFaktura says: "The growth for eFaktura has been at a high level for several years, and 2016 was no exception. We have actually never experienced such high growth in volume as we did last year. In total almost 2.2 million Norwegians used eFaktura in 2016"


Nina S. Knudsen, business manager of AvtaleGiro comments:"AvtaleGiro had a good growth during the year. One of the reasons is the conversion to more frequent invoicing, especially from municipalities to consumers using either AvtaleGiro or eFaktura. More than 3.2 million Norwegians had by the end of the year signed up as users of AvtaleGiro."


At year-end approximately 10.400 invoice issuers used eFaktura and almost 16.300 offered AvtaleGiro.