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Digitising invoice distribution for Fjellinjen

Press release 24-09-2014

​Fjellinjen collects toll charges in Oslo and Bærum and issues a sizeable volume of invoices every month. The company has just entered into an agreement with Nets concerning invoice distribution. The agreement will enable Fjellinjen to digitise a large portion of its invoice processing, which will in turn make it more customer friendly and cost-effective.

The solution that Fjellinjen intends to implement is based on a new technological platform and has a common reception point for the distribution of all invoice documents. This will give Fjellinjen access to all digital channels currently in the market, in addition to the possibility of printing invoices in instances where electronic invoices are not an option. The solution also contains functionality to support Fjellinjen's efforts to increase the digitised share of its invoice volume. Further, it is designed to issue invoices to all recipients registered in the ELMA registry. This means that a large number of businesses can register to receive invoices electronically without Fjellinjen having to allocate resources to manage the digitisation process.


"We are keenly interested in ensuring that our operations are as cost-effective as possible, so that the highest possible share of toll charges we collect goes to the region's transport projects. The agreement is part of this effort and will have a positive impact," says Anne-Karin Sogn, CEO of Fjellinjen.


"The solutions chosen by Fjellinjen are based on a new technology designed to accelerate the paper-to-digitisation process. The fact that Fjellinjen preferred our solutions in its efforts to digitise its invoice distribution processing is an important milestone for us," says Bo Nilsson, CEO of Nets.


Fjellinjen's invoicing will be more efficient because the solution now being implemented makes use of different digital channels in order of priority. This means that private customers registered for eFaktura with Fjellinjen will receive their invoices via their online bank. If the customers do not have an eFaktura agreement with Fjellinjen, then the system will query the other digital channels Fjellinjen offers its customers. If the customer is not found in any digital channel, the invoice will be sent for printing and distribution by post.


The new technological platform, ediEX, is also designed for smartphone interfaces with affiliated mobile apps. This enables Fjellinjen to provide on-the-spot smartphone payment of toll charges. In addition, options will be designed for entering into eFaktura and AvtaleGiro agreements via smartphone interfaces.


For further information, please contact:
Stein-Arne Tjore, Nets Communications Manager, tel. +47 91 53 98 46


About Fjellinjen

Fjellinjen is the main contributor to road-building and public transport projects in Oslo and Akershus through the Oslopakke 3 transport plan. Fjellinjen collect tolls in Oslo and Bærum, and in 2013 they contributed around NOK 2.4 billion to transport projects in the region. We have 620,000 account holders and record 114 million toll crossings every year.


Fjellinjen AS is owned by the City of Oslo (60%) and Akershus County Council (40%). Their staff of 70 people is working to fulfil their vision "Making your journey easy". Many major road and public transport projects in Oslo and Akershus are wholly or partially funded by road tolls.