E-Signing Portal functionality

This page describes the overall concept of the E-Signing Portal as well as some important definitions used. ​


General functionality

The following section describe general functionality in E-Signing Portal

​E-Signing validator​Case handlers may view and validate signed documents through integration with E-Signing Validator. The service may also be combined with the E-Archive service for secure archival of signed documents.
​Language support​The portal is available in the following languages
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Finnish

You may log on to the Portal using one of the following eIDs:

  • BankID (Norway)
  • BankID på mobil (Norway)
  • BankID (Sweden)
  • MitID (Denmark)
  • NemID (Denmark)
  • NemID medarbejdersignatur (Denmark)
  • Finnish banks ID's (Finland)
​Identification data

The following identification data is available for input depending on eID type and configuration:

  • BankID (NO): Name, e-mail address, Fødselsnummer
  • BankID (SE): Name, e-mail address, Personnummer
  • MitID (DK): CPR number
  • NemID: Name, e-mail address, CPR nummer.
  • NemID medarbejdersignatur: Name, e-mail address, CVR nr. and RID nr.
  • Finnish banks ID’s (FI): Name, e-mail address, National ID nr.
  • Nets One time code: First name, last name, mobile number including country code
​Username/Password​You may log on to the portal using Username and Password. Username is your registered email address, password has to be set for the user and login type "Login using Username/Password has to be enabled by Nets Admin. It is restricted to register one users per email address.
​Private Market configuration 

​If your customers are mainly end-users you may find the private market configuration suitable. Nets will set the configuration according to your request. Selecting private market configuration, the e-mail notifications with required signing details will  be sent to each individual Signer.​  The only required information when creating and order is the e-mail address of each signer.​

Corporate market Configuration

If your customers are companies only, you may find the corporate market configuration more suitable. Nets will set the configuration according to your request. Selecting corporate market configuration, the e-mail notifications with required signing details will no longer be sent to each individual Signer. Instead the email will be submitted a customer contact point. Contact details will be required input when creating the signing order. The required information is: customer company name, customer organization number, contact person name and e-mail. 

​Timeout ​If you are inactive for more than 20 minutes, you will be logged out and forced to log in again  to continue to use the portal.


Note about NemID medarbejdersignatur: If Signer is unable to provide the CVR and RID number, the User may check if the CVR and RID number are found in “Den offentlige certifikatdatabase”, available at: https://www.medarbejdersignatur.dk/produkter/nemid_medarbejdersignatur/nemid_selvbetjening/soeg_certifikat/.

 NemID medarbejdersignatur.png

“Den offentlige certifikatdatabase” is a free service from Nets DanID. In order to search for Signers certificate data (CVR nr. and RID nr.) the Sign-er’s certificate must be published to the public certificate database. Search shall be done based on the Signers e-mail Address, presumably work e-mail address.
If a match is found for the email address entered, the CVR nr. and RID nr. will be shown in the Serienummer attribute:


 If a match is not found, the reason may be that the certificate is not published to the public database. In this case the User should ask the Signer to retrieve the CVR and RID numbers from the self service available at: https://www.medarbejdersignatur.dk/produkter/nemid_medarbejdersignatur/log_paa_nemid_selvbetjening/
Certificate details with CVR and RID numbers is found under the “Min medarbejdersignatur”.

Document signing

The required steps in the creation of a signing order are described in detail here​. This section describes some of the basic elements involved in the creation of signing order.

National ID Number​​National ID number, sometimes referred to as Social Security Number (SSN), is a unique identifier used by the portal to identify a User or a Signer. This identifier is called “Fødselsnummer” in Norway, “Personnummer” in Sweden, “CPR-nummer” in Denmark and “Henkilötunnus” in Finland.
​Employee ID​Employee ID is a unique identifier used by the portal to identify a User or a Signer. The identifier is made of two components, the Employer ID and the Employee number. In Denmark, these two components are known as “CVR nr” and “RID nr” respectively.
​Multiple signatures​A document can be signed by one or more signers in parallel or serial signing. The portal supports up to 10 Signers at each step, and maximum 10 steps. The option of having more than one signature for a signing order may be disabled for your Company, thus removing this option from the “Create new order” page. Creating a signing order for multiple Signers will allow the Signers to sign the document in any order within the same step, or in serial order if more than one step is created. 
​E-Archive​The E-Signing Portal support integration with Nets E-Archive as an option. The integration is done at Nets and if this option is activated for your Company, all signed documents will be stored in Nets E-Archive.
​Identification before signing​Identification before signing is a function that allows the document to be protected from unauthorized access. If enabled, the Signers will be required to identify themselves before being presented with the document to be signed. For this reason, the Identification before signing is typically used when the content of the document to be signed is sensitive.
​Company signing​Company signing is another E-Signing Portal option. If activated for your Company, the “Create new order” page will include a Company signing check-box. If checked, the order will also be signed by one of your Company’s organizational eIDs. 
​PDF with form field signing​You can create a signing order containg a PDF form. The signer at first step will fill out and sign the PDF, and any other signers are not able to change the form
​ID-Rights ​In E-Signing Portal you can do searches through ID-Rights. ID-Rights provides you with official signature and procuration rights for all companies in the Nordics based on updated information from public registers.​

Common menu and buttons

Here is an overview of the possible menus and buttons shown at the top of all pages in the portal.

Top menu.PNG

  1. Company Logo (customized)
  2. User Name of the logged in user
  3. Company Name selection button. Company name will only be shown as a selection button in case the User is registered as a User for multiple Companies.
  4. Log out button
  5. Language selection button
  6. Order list page 
  7. Create new order page 
  8. Administration page (only available for Super Users)