​E-Consent by Nets will aid service providers in securing access to, and sharing data with, third party providers by use of digitally signed consents.

​Banks, insurance companies, ERP suppliers etc​. often experience that third party suppliers want to act on behalf of their users/customers, to extract data or carry out transactions. Nets E-Consent is a service that makes a third party able to perform a signed authorized consent, when they want to operate on behalf of its customers. Using E-Consent your company will be provided with a signed authorised consent that gives safe and simple access control.

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  • E-Consent is based on most secure recommendations of OpenID Connect standard and produces standard JWT-tokens.
  • E-Consent is built on top of Nets services E-Ident and E-Signing.
  1. The service provider defines a token/scope.
  2. The end user gives consent.
  3. The third party gets token.
  4. The service provider gets token with parameters and consent givers identity, signed by Nets.