Consent template

The Consent template defines which functions or operations to be authorized. This page explains what needs to be configured in the Consent template. The service provider might create one or more templates, depending on the number of API's and different types of consents.

The end-user must be presented a suitable text, describing the consent to be given.​ The text will be created, based on input from the consent template.


​Scope IDGlobally unique identifier of the resource that the consent is for. Ex. API URL that needs consent.
​Token nameName used to lookup the token with consent details in the end of the consent process. In OIDC this is usually id_token, but this might not be a good name for all E-Consent scenarios.
Text and relevant translationsConsent text can be presented in different languages. Preferred language is sent to Nets as a parameter when initiating a new consent user dialog (authorisation request). ​Presented language can be based on ex nationality of user, user's chosen language in a portal or browser settings.
​Variables​Set of values to be merged into the text in the consent, and additional data fields hidden for the end user, but included in the consent token.


​​​Consent​ template Example

Scope ID and Token name:


​Scope ID​
​Token name​accountdetail_token
Text and relevant translations:
​English​I accept that [tpp] ([credit_account]) creates AvtaleGiro for account [debit_account] with amount limit [limit] kroner
​Norwegian​Jeg aksepterer at [tpp] ([credit_account]) oppretter Avtalegiro for konto [debit_account] med beløpsgrense [limit] kroner
​Name​Example value​Min length​​Max length
​tpp​Bank AS350
​credit_account​12345678987 ​11​11
​limit ​500 ​2​6

*) You can also use variables that is not merged in the consent text and then are invisible.


The consent text will then look like this

In English:

I accept that Bank AS (12345678987) creates AvtaleGiro for account 78987654321 with amount limit 500 kroner

In Norwegian:

Jeg aksepterer at Bank AS (12345678987) oppretter Avtalegiro for konto 78987654321 med beløpsgrense 500 kroner