Scheme Tokenization

​Product Overview





Scheme Token Service

Full control of all token management

Via the DLCM API you easily access the module for token management, which includes management of issued tokens and provisioning of tokens to the preferred xPay wallets.

One interface (API) for both Visa Token Service (VTS) and Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES). Apply one or both and stay enabled for any new preference.​

The service is based on tokenisation using the card schemes’ token service, enabled via Nets Digital Life Cycle Management API to orchestrate and manage tokens. The solution includes all necessary components for token issuance (card provisioning to xPay and eCom/CoF token provisioning) and token life cycle management. The solution is certified for both Google Pay, Apple Pay and FitBit/Garmin Pay and includes service for generation of necessary payload for issuer to provide in-app provisioning support of cards to the relevant xPay from your bank application, as well as an online portal for token management and control. The required encryption and decryption of data towards the scheme token service(s) is integral to the solution.