Scheme Tokenization

​Technical Overview​


  • Issuers can pre-digitize their account into LCM for different services (like Tokenization, Account updater etc) via Restful API.

Account Management :

  • After pre-digitization of the card, the issuer can use the different restful API services to update or get information about the account in LCM. 
    Refer API specification for details fields and description
    • Update AccountInfo 
    • Update ID&V
    • Change the state of the account
    • Get account information
    • Get account_id using account

Virtual Account Management : 

  • Virtual account flow will be initiated when end-user initiates the enrollment in the wallet or other devices
    • Enrollment Notification
    • Virtual account status change notification - from Card scheme to Issuers
    • Virtual account status change notification - from Issuer to Card scheme.

General Services 

  • Ping Service