Dispute Management







Utilising Nets dispute APIs allows issuers to adopt to a seamless digital dispute solution that enables simplification of a process that traditionally is seen as complex, time consuming and not to mention costly – whilst at the same time providing an excellent user experience to the issuer and consumers.


Nets modular Dispute Management solutions form a complete dispute solution for Issuers, allowing the chosen level of control throughout the whole dispute lifecycle.


In addition to standard solution components like Case mgmt. and Scheme Integrations, we support our Customers by both best-in-field dispute experts and innovations like pre-chargeback, automated case orchestration, APIs, comprehensive reporting, user friendly web applications for both Issuer users & end consumers and manual & technical case validation.



Supporting Issuer self-service with a comprehensive Dispute API-suite

Our Issuer Dispute API Suite supports an integrated flow to Issuers own solutions for dispute case management.


Currently the set of exposed APIs include:

  • Create Dispute; Allowing Issuers to report Fraudulent and Disputed transactions to Nets
  • Get Dispute; Allowing to get an overview and status of dispute cases from Nets
  • Get Document; Allowing to download attachments from dispute case

Expanded Search; Allowing to get list of dispute cases from different queues